Have you made the decision to have a new pool installed in your Portland yard but you are still wondering what type of pool would be best for you? Well, opting for a new fiberglass pool is a wonderful idea. Fiberglass pools have enduring beauty and some really great benefits.


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Here’s a rundown of why a new fiberglass pool is just right for you.

Less Waiting

A fiberglass pool may cost more than some other types of pools, but they are installed quite quickly, usually taking less than a week. The pool is manufactured offsite according to the style you select and then transported to you, ready to install straight away.

Typically, a fiberglass pool can be installed regardless of the ambient temperature or weather conditions. The liner in a vinyl liner pool might wrinkle if the temperature is not within a certain range and a concrete pool’s installation might get stalled by temperature fluctuations and threat of rain.

Easy to maintain

The fiberglass material makes your pool smooth, non-porous and inhibits the growth of algae. That makes keeping it clean and looking new, a breeze! Your new fiberglass pool can work with a salt chlorine generator for sanitation without the fear of degrading the material. This method makes pool-care a truly low-maintenance job. Additionally, you won’t have to worry about changing a vinyl liner every 7 to 11 years or having to acid wash concrete every few years.


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Some models, such as Blue Hawaiian Fiberglass Pools, go a little further, using state-of-the-art composite technology to make owning a fiberglass pool even more beneficial to you. So, although fiberglass pools are limited in terms of your choice of style and size, many Portland homeowners opt to have one installed. They know that in the long run they spend less time and money on pool upkeep, yet have a gorgeous pool to enjoy for decades to come.


A fiberglass pool can have any of a wide variety of features added to enhance your pool experience. From cascades and streams to perimeter tiles and LED lighting, options such as Viking Fiberglass Pools can tailor the extras to suit your preferences. An in-floor cleaning system can also be installed, as well as decorative tile mosaics that help to express your own taste and style.


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Other Advantages Of A Fiberglass Pool In Your Portland Home

– The pool’s solid shell feels better to bare feet than concrete which is more abrasive.

– Non-slip texturing can easily be added to the pools’ step and floor for extra safety.

– If the shell becomes damaged, it can easily be buffed and sanded to remove scratches.

– Fiberglass pools are tough, flexible and quite resistant to wear and tear. Any repairs that need to be done, may be carried out quickly and easily on site.

A fiberglass pool is the perfect way to personalize the outdoor recreational area of your Portland home. It can last a lifetime and provide you and your family with many hours of supreme enjoyment.

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