Swimming pools are great on their own but they’re even better when complemented by a stunning landscape. Creating a garden paths is a great way to enhance the beauty of your swimming pool and add dimension and charm to your entire outdoor space. There are endless possibilities for you to choose from when it comes to deciding on a design for your home’s pathway. Perhaps, as you have travelled around New Orleans, you have seen pathways that you like and want to incorporate some of their elements into your own design. You can mix and match these elements to suit your particular taste and style. Simple or elegant, rustic or ultra-modern, mulch or gravel, stepping stones or tiles – the final decision is all yours.

Mulch Pathways

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Mulch is an inexpensive, versatile material easily used to construct paths of any size and shape. Aesthetically, they blend in with natural surroundings, forming soft informal pathways, allowing easy movement of both wheels and bare feet.

You can use bark, wood chips or some other form of organic material, perhaps waste taken from your own garden. Alternatively, in New Orleans, you can purchase mulch in bulk from a nursery or landscape supplier. The local public works department might also have wood chip or mulch you can haul away for free.

The appearance and texture of the completed pathway will depend on the mulch material you decide to use. Just bear in mind that a mulch pathway will decompose and require some amount of maintenance to keep it looking new and fresh

Gravel Pathways For Your New Orleans Home

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Long-lasting gravel pathways have a more formal feel than mulch. You can go with ½ inch gravel, smooth pebbles, crushed shells or crushed stone. A landscape supplier or nursery in New Orleans can typically supply whatever type of gravel material you need.

Restrictions with using gravel include use in areas that you will have to shovel snow from and areas located near to doorways which might cause bits of gravel to end up inside the house. As with mulch, an edging will be necessary to maintain the shape of the path and keep the gravel out of nearby areas.

Stepping Stones

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If you need to build your path in a hurry (without sacrificing the aesthetic appeal or design ability) then stepping stones are the way to go. They are set some distance apart, so you end up using relatively few stones to complete the pathway. Select flat, 18-inch wide and 2-inch thick stones for the best results. While you can purchase the stones from a landscape supplier, if you live in or near an area in New Orleans with natural rock outcroppings, then you could get the stone for free and just pay the haulage price.  

An alternative to stepping stones is using round or square concrete patio blocks. The main advantage of these is that they come in a wide variety of colors and textures and can be used to add artistic definition to a pathway.

The right pathway defines the spaces in your yard. It differentiates one area from another, while at the same time tying them together. With careful planning and a little expert advice you can end up with a pathway that not only complements your home, but adds real value to it. And if you want to add a swimming pool to the mix, don’t hesitate to contact Premier Pools & Spas of New Orleans.

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