Northridge is a neighborhood of Los Angeles, California in the San Fernando Valley. It is the home of California State University, Northridge. Residents have access to a recreation center and public swimming pool but most Northridge residents end up wanting their very own staycation destination in their backyard.


While a swimming pool is a superb attraction for guests and also an easier reason to have a party, there is lots of planning needed to set the right atmosphere. Below are some tips for preparing the best swimming pool party in Northridge, which will leave you and your guests pleased:

Test your equipment

Performing comprehensive tests on all of your swimming pool equipment is important in making sure that heaters and lights function ahead of your party, providing you with a window to solve anything needed in advance. This will help reduce stress and ensure that you are not running around the morning of your get together or even during, in front of family and friends when it might be too late to have it repaired.


Quality of water

It is important that you examine the quality of your pool water using a home test kit at least one week before the party. This will provide you with a chance to start a treatment plan, if necessary, to balance your swimming pool water, making it safe for swimmers. The day prior to the party, proceed to give the pool bottom and edges a good scrubbing before shocking the pool water one more time. This ensures you have crystal clear water the day of the party. It is suggested that you run your swimming pool pump as much as you can in the few days leading up to the party, to ensure that any chemical treatments have enough time to function as required.


Prior to the party date, get started with a cleanup schedule by ensuring skimmer baskets are clean and ensuring the pool water is free from all other debris. One week before, give your swimming pool an intensive brushing and vacuuming to stop the growth of any algae. In case you have a pet, it is often wise to stay up on poop scooping in order that you do not have guests running into messes while enjoying the party.

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 Deck and Ambience

The morning of the party, proceed to give your deck a quality scrub and hose off any of the poolside furniture that is waterproof to make sure it is ready for guests. Whilst you need excellent deck lighting, if you are throwing a party at night in Northridge, you have to ensure your swimming pool is illuminated so your guests can see. For extra ambiance, you can hang LED string lights from the rafters of a deck or gazebo or even wrapped around a tree to add touches of warmth and brightness when the sun sets. A fireplace is another terrific addition for the late hour guests to sit and unwind around once all of the children have gone to sleep.


A couple of days before the party give your swimming pool a good shock. This tends to clean and clear the pool water so that it appears its best. Once the pool has been shocked, ensure you give your filter a perfect cleaning and add any chemicals to your pool water to keep the water balanced properly. Ultimately, you want the pool water easy and safe to swim in, so you have to devote some extra effort with your water chemistry.

After the party has ended, you might have to repeat this procedure. The reason being the extra bather load is going to put a strain on your filter and sanitizer as it attempts to keep the pool water clean.


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