With more than 300 days of sun every year, weather in Las Vegas is perfect for enjoying your pool year round! The famed central hub of this intoxicating city is the Las Vegas Strip, over 4 miles of road that is packed with entertainment venues. Stunning hotels with eccentric themes, luxury resorts that are perfect the wealthy and nobility, and a seemingly endless number of ritzy casinos.

The “entertainment capital of the world” isn’t just about slot machines, late night clubs, or marveling at beautiful females. Along with fine eateries, gambling venues, and a lively entertainment spots, the city of Las Vegas is also well known for its award winning swimming pools.

Las Vegas

With their stunning designs and luxury features, swimming pools in Las Vegas are not just tourist attractions. While millions of tourists flock to the city annually to enjoy hotel swimming pools, if you hang with the right crowd you’ll find that many people living in the city have luxurious pools right in their backyards. As a matter of fact, in some areas you will find residential pools that are just as appealing as those found in popular resorts in the area. One example is this stunning pool that won the Premier Pools & Spas’ Award of Excellence and was featured on the March / April 2016 cover of Las Vegas Living Magazine.

Las Vegas

The creative free form design of this swimming pool is proof that you don’t need to sacrifice the aesthetic appeal of a pool when working with a smaller outdoor space. With the right designs and skills, Premier Pools & Spas was able to design the perfect pool for this backyard. The intricate design mimics the calming ambiance of a tropical oasis but also creates a fun and romantic atmosphere that the Sin City is known for. At night the pool lighting helps to create a calming effect that goes well with the surrounding scenery and city lights. Connected to the pool is an intimate circular spa that is perfect for relaxing and enjoying the Las Vegas view. Next to the pool is an engaging outdoor fireplace that adds warmth and rustic charm to the backyard, making it the perfect place for friends or couples to come together. Nearby seating provides convenient accommodations for residents to enjoy their favorite Las Vegas beverages.

Las Vegas

Premier Pools & Spas is happy to have spent years helping Las Vegas residents fulfill their backyard dreams. The team at our Las Vegas location is devoted to delivering excellent customer service and listening to the needs of our clients to ensure that they receive the results that they need. Our title as one of the top pool builders in the country is not one that is undeserving of us and our talents. We have proven time and time again that we have what it takes to take on projects of any magnitude and skill level.

Contact us today if you would like our Las Vegas team to help you design the swimming pool of your dream.

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