If you are watching your pool budget in Pace, you may find yourself paying more than you expected to pay. In this article, we are going to talk about add-ons that can drive up your price so you can decide whether you want these additional features or want to stick with your basic pool.

Add-Ons & Watching Your Pool Budget

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The base price of getting an inground pool may be within your budget, but make sure any add-ons you want are also in your budget. Look over the following list of add-ons as you are watching your pool budget and see if they will fit with what you need.


Most local laws require a fence or other type of enclosure to be around your pool to keep the public safe. Whether you have a law telling you to do it or not, you should have one to protect pets and children from wandering into the pool unsupervised.

Removable pool fencing may not cost very much but if you want a permanent fence, you may find yourself adding thousands of dollars to the base price. Putting an alarm on your fence gate is also helpful so if anyone that shouldn’t be in your pool tries to come in, they won’t be able to without a lot of noise.

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While landscaping may be an “optional” expense but even though it is an optional expense, 9 out of 1 pool owners get landscaping done when they have their pool installed. Planting trees, bushes or putting in a deck or patio, it is almost 100% certain that you will want to enhance your pool’s appearance with landscaping.

Trees aren’t just to add beauty to your yard, they also provide privacy and block winds from coming and making your swim uncomfortable. Having a deck keeps your pool clean so obviously, landscaping is a key part of putting an inground pool in at your property which is why you should make sure to put it in your pool budget.


Whether you decide to go with standard pool lighting or want to put fancy LED lights in your pool, you still need to think about the pool lighting you are going to need.

Fun Time Additions

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Do you want to add pool toys? How about a waterslide or other significant entertainment enhancements? These can really add up and case your pool budget to go out the window.

Maintenance Costs

You need to factor in the cost of maintaining your pool so you do not end up not having enough money to do necessary tasks with your pool.

Keeping Within Your Pool Budget

When you are putting together a plan to install your pool, you can work with a qualified pool professional to get the results that you want. Feel free to call us today to get help with figuring out what needs to happen to have a pool that you want and still keep it within your budget. We will be glad to help you through the process.

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