When you are looking at different outdoor design ideas for your Palm Desert backyard, you could be dealing with an overload of images. In this article, we are going to talk to you about functional and beautiful things you can do in your yard.

3 Gorgeous Outdoor Design Ideas

As you are going through the different ideas for your backyard and trying to find the perfect outdoor design for you, you may find yourself mixing and matching the designs so you can get the design you want. Take a look at the below designs and find the elements you want to add to your plan.

outdoor design

Photo courtesy of craig reynolds

This is your own personal paradise that looks like you’ve been lost in the jungle. The greenery surrounding the pool makes it a relaxing and beautiful setting. The small waterfall and cascading steps that allow you to enter the pool look like a true jungle setting. A paradise in your own backyard.

outdoor design

Photo courtesy of febox.net

The grass and flowers around your pool and spa near the gorgeous fireplace and make for an elegant setting for a party or a quiet night with your partner. The pool is the right size for this backyard. If you aren’t sure what size of a pool you need for your yard, you can look at the different options that you like and are available for you or speak with one of our professionals to see what the right fit for you will be.


outdoor design

Photo courtesy of hgtv.com

This infinity pool with submerged pools is a great place to enjoy a drink and a swim. The view is gorgeous and you will be able to look at the trees and other green areas while keeping cool in the pool.

Creating Your Ideal Outdoor Design

As you are thinking about what you would like with your pool, you should think about the function you want it to serve. Do you want to have friends and family over regularly? Do you want to have it for yourself and your partner? Deciding the function of the pool will help you decide which type of pool you want as well as the size and any additional features you might want to add to the outdoor design.

When you are working on your outdoor design, you want to think about how everything is going to flow together. The pool and the landscaping should flow together so you create a design that is breathtaking. Not everyone is going to know how to put together the different features and elements to make an amazing yard so if you need help with any of the processes, make sure to reach out to us.

Our pool professionals have been working with people like you for years and have created thousands of happy customers and we would be more than happy to help you create a pool you can be proud to invite your friends and family over to see.

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