If you are wondering about basic maintenance for your Pensacola Beach pool during the Summer, you could be concerned about whether or not you are taking proper care of your pool. If you have a pool and do not keep up the basic maintenance, you may run into other challenges and problems with your pool as time goes on. In this article, we are going to talk more about basic maintenance and what you should do to make sure your pool is properly taken care of.
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Basic Maintenance Things to Remember

With Summer at hand, your tan isn’t the only thing you need to take care of. You also need to take care of your pool by performing daily, weekly and monthly basic maintenance tasks.

Skimming the Surface

Your pool filter will help prevent small debris from collecting in your pool but larger things are not going to be caught when they come into the pool. That is when you need to clean it yourself or use an automatic surface cleaner to remove leaves, flowers and any other debris that might have made it into the pool. If these things are left in the pool, your water might become cloudy and cause buildup in your pool.

basic maintenance

Check Your Pool’s Filter

As a part of basic maintenance, you need to clean your pool’s filter regularly. If your water looks cloudy, you need to clean out your filter. You can clean your filter by using backwashing. Backwashing is the process of cleaning your pool filter by reversing the flow of water in order to get rid of contaminants. You can do this by running water through the filter on the opposite side of its usual flow. Anything that is built up in there is going to get out.

Maintain Chemicals In Your Pool

Having the proper chemicals and proper levels in your pool is important. These chemicals are what keeps the bacteria from enjoying a friendly swim in your pool. To make sure that you have proper chlorine and pH levels in your pool, you can get a water testing kit or hire a pool service to come see what you have going on. During the summer, it is very important that you pay close attention to your chemicals. This is when most people are using the pool and having a grand time splashing about. This means there is going to be sunscreen and hair products contaminating the pool as well so that can throw off your pool’s chemical levels.

basic maintenance

Keeping Up Basic Maintenance

Making sure to vacuum your pool, brush the sides and check your pool’s circulation are also important things to keep in check throughout the summer. If you are tired of having to keep up with all of the requirements, you may find it helpful to take on a pool service that will take care of any headaches for you. No more worrying about scheduling time to check on the pool because a professional will be taking care of it. If you’d like help with this, make sure to give us a call.

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