Pensacola has its fair share of hurricanes so making sure you are prepared for hurricane season is important. Hurricanes are not as scary if you know how to prepare for hurricane season. In this article, we are going to talk about preparation tips and how you can keep yourself safe during hurricane season.
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Hurricane Season Preparation

If you have heard that you should put your patio furniture in your swimming pool or that you should drain your swimming pool before the hurricane season, you should not do this. Both of these things could be very dangerous and detrimental to your swimming pool.

If your drain your pool before a hurricane hits, you may cause your pool to pop out of the ground because of the water table being so high. Your pool could experience the feeling of being a boat when the water table is too high. It’s much better to pay attention to the following tips to get prepared for hurricane season.

hurricane season

#1 – Keep your swimming pool filled to keep the sides and bottom of the pool in place.

#2 – Super chlorinate your pool after the hurricane has gone.

#3 – Turn off all electric power at the circuit breakers before the storm. If you have any exposed electrical equipment, make sure to cover them tightly with plastic wrap. If you expect it to flood, disconnect and remove equipment such as motors for the pumps.

#4 – Remove screen panels on either side of the pool area so you do not get rips on lanai screens. These can be expensive to replace and repair if they get ripped.

#5 – Any loose objects like tables, pool equipment, chairs, pool toys and the like should be removed. These items can become dangerous as the high winds pick up so make sure to put them up in a shed or even in the house if necessary.

hurricane season

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#6 – After the storm goes away, use a skimming device to remove small debris from the pool but do not use your pool vacuum or pool pumps since they are likely to get clogged.

#7 – Make sure to dry out any electrical equipment after the storm. You should check circuit breakers to be sure they are not on before you try to reconnect electrical equipment like pump motors. You should inspect the wiring for proper connections and if electric motors have gotten water on them, you want to have that checked by a professional.

#8 – Be sure clocks and timers have been reset properly in order to balance the water’s chemistry. Make sure to keep an eye on your operating system for a few days so you can ensure everything is working right.

Hurricane Season Prep – Conclusion

Now that you understand how to prepare for hurricane season, you will be more at ease as the season is upon you. Making sure to follow all of the guidance and tips will help you as you are moving forward and helping extend your pool’s lifetime. If you need any help with your pool or have any questions, make sure to give us a call.

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