Alas…it’s balmy and beautiful in Long Island. The sun is shining brightly, the trees are clothed with green, it’s the opportune moment to relax, kickback on your patio and enjoy the beautiful outdoors before. To help you make the best of this great summer weather our Long Island team would like to share with you a few interesting ways to spruce up your patio (that won’t blow your budget). You should definitely take your redesign cue from these spectacular ideas.

Cozy Patios in Long Island

Long Island

On your patio, arrange a few comfy chairs and a table to place your tea or feet. Incorporate some lush green or colourful plants and you’d have created the ultimate relaxation spot, peaceful, charming and comfy. Everyone enjoys having a quiet spot in their home to just relax or have a private conversation with a friend or family member…a patio is the perfect place.

Put Out A Rug in Long Island

Long Island

It may not seem like doing much, but adding a little color to the floor of your patio with a rug can transform the entire patio and surrounding landscape from bland to a “WOW!” space. Outdoor rugs work perfectly for covering any marks on the patio and will bring together the entire scene in your backyard.

Add Some Shade to Your Long Island Backyard

Long Island

Are you someone who loves relaxing on your patio, waving to your neighbors as you enjoy a cup of tea? Most of us are. But what about those days in Long Island when the sun is just shining too brightly and suddenly it’s too hot to relax in your favorite spot? Instead of staying indoors, consider installing a pergola to keep your spot shaded and cool. A pergola will add both beauty and function to your patio to keep your favorite spot comfy even on sunny days. Cozy furniture, an inviting fire pit, a grill and subtle bistro lights underneath will bring everything together.

Let There Be Light

Long Island

Nothing draws people outside the house more than a beautifully lit garden and patio. Outdoor lighting is one of the simplest yet most effective way to add some magic to your patio space. But, the reality is…they can be expensive. So, if you’re not in the position to install new lighting, simply stringing twinkle lights around the patio area can help to make it more attractive. Stringing the lights overhead is also a great way to add a feeling of warmth and coziness to the space

Paint Over The Area

Applying a new color to your outdoor furniture and patio space is a great way to give it look brand new. Don’t settle for dull furniture that dampen the mood on your patio. Choose a bright color that compliments the design of your space then, recoat your patio chairs and leave them to dry. It’s that easy!
A swimming pool can be a great complementary accessory for your patio. Just imagine relaxing on a patio that overlooks a stunning swimming pool. Sounds tempting? Well that’s where our Long Island team comes in. Contact us and we’ll assist you with installing a swimming pool that highlights the beauty of your patio and entire outdoor space.
You can also check out for more amazing ways to how to spruce up your patio for summertime fun.

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