When you see Pharrell Williams swimming pool, you know why he’s so happy! This beautiful pool will blow your mind with the beautiful setting and the gorgeous water. The 5,000 square foot terrace allows for an amazing setting for this Pharrell Williams swimming pool and has an outdoor kitchen where you can enjoy an amazing sunset swim any day you’d like if you can get an invite.

pharrell williams swimming pool

Photo courtesy of theselby.com

Pharrell Williams Swimming Pool and House

The Pharrell Williams swimming pool is not the only thing that is impressive about this mansion. This gorgeous place is located 40 stories above Biscayne Bay on the very top of the gorgeous Bristol Tower. This place has 10,000-square-foot of space which includes five bedrooms and seven baths. In 2007 was when Williams purchased the home for $12.525 million and did his transformation on the home making it a whitewashed paecan and the windows allow for a gorgeous 360-degree view of the bay and the beautiful city.


While you may not want to drop a cool $12.525 mil on a Pharrell Williams swimming pool and house, the house served Williams for a good period and I am sure, hosted many parties.

pharrell williams swimming pool

Photo courtesy of mbellrealty.com

Creating Your Own Pool Paradise

Even with a budget much less than Williams, you will be able to create something amazing that will enable you to enjoy your own backyard paradise. Having an inspired by Pharrell Williams swimming pool wouldn’t be as difficult as you might think. You can speak with a pool professional that will help and guide you toward the best course of attention for creating the same look and feel without having to spend the cash that the famous star laid out.

There are plenty of ideas that you can bring to the person that will help you design and install your pool. If you are using a concrete pool, the options are limitless and you can design anything that you want. If you decide that you want to go with a fiberglass pool then your options are going to be a little more limited but there are still many great options you can go through.

The sooner you get started with the planning process, the sooner you can get everything set into motion. Start thinking about the shape of pool you would like to have, whether you want to have fiberglass or concrete and what additional features you would like to add.

Infinity pools are becoming more popular these days and create a beautiful look for your home whether they are rooftop or not. There are rock grottos to consider and some people even put in lazy rivers in their backyard so they can have a resort-like experience. There are lots of fun things you can do when you start thinking about the designs and function of your pool.

pharrell williams swimming pool

Photo courtesy of thesun.co.uk

Pharrell Williams Swimming Pool – Conclusion

While your home may not overlook the bay, you can create an amazing setting for yourself so you can enjoy with your friends and family.

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