It’s time to start planning your holiday pool party in Phoenix. The holidays are coming up quickly and you know that you need to get everything in order. Whether you are a new pool owner or you are a veteran pool owner, you may be looking for new ideas to help you spice up your holiday pool party. In this article, we are going to talk about ideas for your holiday pool party and how to make fun and friendly for all your guests.

holiday pool party

Holiday Pool Party Dos & Don’ts for Décor

There are plenty of fun things to do with décor, and you may be overloaded with all the Pinterest posts and other things that are giving you ideas to fix up your pool. Let’s go over a couple of easy things that you can do and then we will talk about some things you shouldn’t do when it comes to your parties.

Floating decorations are fun if you get some that are pool safe. You can even find some lighted floating pool decorations that are holiday themed if you want to make your pool look fun and festive. You can look up some floating Santas or reindeer and put them in your pool so that you are able to bring the holiday fun to your pool.

You may have an enclosure for your circulation equipment and other pool accessories. You can take a holiday theme blow up and put it in front of that area so you won’t have ugly equipment showing. If you already have that area covered with lattice or another type of enclosure you could try putting garland around it or other lights on it, so it can look extra festive.

holiday pool party

One of the things you shouldn’t do when you are decorating is put lights over your pool. You may have seen some pictures online where people have strung lights over the pool. This is an all-around bad idea and could result in injury, so make sure that you stay away from doing anything like this. If you have a question about safety, you can speak to a pool professional and ask them how you can achieve the results that you want without compromising your safety and they will be more than happy to help you.

Your Backyard Holiday Pool Party and Lots of Fun

holiday pool party

Oh Happy Day

After you’ve got everything ready to go, it is time to have some fun. Instead of worrying about anything, you know it has been taken care of so it is time to enjoy some good times with friends and family. Holiday parties are lots of fun but they are even better when you have a pool. You may even consider getting a plexiglass pool cover so that you can have a dance floor over your pool. There are so many options for your party and you are able to create an amazing experience for you and for your guests without a lot of hassle.