Asking what the pool cost of a Raleigh pool is would be similar to asking what a home in Raleigh is going to cost. This means that there are a lot of variables you are going to have to look at and in this article, we are going to help you look into some of those variables.

pool cost

Pool Cost Factors

Installing your own pool is a great idea when you want to be able to increase the fun factor of your home. There are plenty of things to do when you have a pool and whether you have kids or not, they are enjoyable and relaxing. If you are thinking about any type of pool, you probably know there is going to be a good amount of cash that is going to be laid out, but how much?

Pool Size

The size of your pool has a lot to do with the pool cost. These days people are opting more toward small pools that are nestled in a corner of their yard, but some yards are simply too large to put a small pool. It almost looks strange to see a small pool in a large yard so make sure to keep that in mind as you are designing your pool and thinking about pool cost.

Pool Depth

If you want a pool with a deep end, you are going to look at a higher cost. Since Raleigh is not an extremely hot climate, it isn’t necessary to have a deeper than average pool to keep the water cooler like in some areas. The deeper your pool, the more it is going to increase the pool cost. Even if you do a shallower pool, you may opt for a water chiller to keep the pool cool during the very hot times in the summer. This will add to your pool cost as well.

pool cost

Additional Features and Pool Cost

If you are looking into having additional features installed, you may find yourself racking up some serious pool cost. While the additional features will add a great deal of function and a pleasant view, you need to make sure to check to see what is within your budget.

If you are looking at water features, grottos, lights or any other features, you can reach out to one of our pool professionals to help you understand the pool cost and options that are available to you. If you work with a pool professional from the beginning, it will be much easier for you to keep your pool cost down with the expert advice that will help you keep from spending money that you need not spend.

pool cost

Create Your Backyard Paradise

When you look at creating your backyard paradise, it doesn’t have to take your life savings. We can help you get everything set up and work with you to make sure you stay within your budget. You can spend countless hours enjoying your backyard paradise once it is installed so this makes a great investment.

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