The Pool Kings stay Local to Build Dueling Water Slides!

Paul and Brian are introduced to the Fleming family. They’re located in Northern California, which is where the Pool Kings are from. The Fleming’s want their backyard oasis to resemble the California country that is already around them. With 3 active kids, Brett and Garian wanted to create a swimming pool that everyone will have fun in.

Pool Kings: Dueling Water Slides 1

That California Country Theme

After the Pool Kings short drive over to the Fleming’s, they’re eager to show them the design for their new backyard. The main attraction to this 1200 sq ft swimming pool will be the two dueling water slides. The giant twin slides are each 35 ft long and surround a family grotto. They’re also going to be incorporating a 10 ft wide super sized spa, which is big enough for 10 people. A unique feature that goes along with the super-sized spa is an attached swim up bar. The swim up bar continues into a living zone. This cabana zone is equipped with a kitchen.

Brian and Paul have two different design ideas for the Fleming’s to choose from. Brian wants to put a jumping rock on the top of the grotto, which would provide a jumping point for the kids. While Paul wants to add a more dramatic element to the top of the grotto. He wants to add a volcano grotto top, which is a big fire feature that would sit on the top of the grotto. In the end, the Fleming’s chose the flat jumping point for the kids to have fun with. “Now we get to do what we do best, build pools.” Paul says. Two excavators are brought onto the property to dig out the 1200 sq ft pool, and they’re going to use that dirt to build up a hill for the dueling water slides. The hill will act as a base for the water slides, and they have to compact the dirt, which is why they brought another compacting tractor onto the property. While excavating, more trucks are here with 200 tons of Sierra Nevada rock to continue their California country theme. “This rock will add to the beautiful harmonious setting we’re creating here in the Fleming’s backyard.” Paul says. Once excavation is completed, the Premier Pools & Spas crew puts in 3,000 ft of plumbing, and 3 tons of steel to frame the pool. After that’s completed, the Pool Kings move onto gunite. Once the gunite is sprayed into the pool, you start to see all the features and outline of the swimming pool.

Pool Kings: Dueling Water Slides 2

Week 10

This week Paul and Brian will be putting together the dueling water slides. Each water slide is 700 lbs, so they’ll require 8-10 guys to lift each one at a time and put it into place. “Okay Brian, I need you to go down face first, just to make sure everything is working right.” Paul says to Brian. Although something isn’t right with one of the water slides. This farm is picture perfect, but the slide? Not so much.” Brian states. Some the pieces to the water slide need to be flipped around so they’re curved in towards the grotto. “It’s an easy fix.” Brian says confidently. Moving on from there, the slides are locked into place, concrete decking is finished, plants are placed in around the slides, and a mermaid mosaic tile is placed into the middle of the grotto. The Pool Kings use re-barb to to frame the cabana columns because they have to build up support for 8 columns to hold the cabana up. Plaster is in, and for plaster to cure it needs to be submitted in water. However the Fleming’s receive their water from a well, which only pumps 10 gallons per minute. So the Pool Kings bring in water trucks to fill up this 3500 gallon pool. While waiting for the plaster to cure, they finish the cabana and add natural tile to go along with their California country theme.

Revealing the Pool to the Fleming Family 

“Oh wow, look at the two slides! it’s so beautiful.” Garian says “You know I love a beach entry!” Paul tells them “We had so much fun building this project for your family.” Brett says “and it really does look so natural with the rocks you picked out. I like the spa with the TV view.”   

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