Pool Kings Take Over Texas

Pool Kings Season 7 – Episode 6 – Texas Sized Retreat Teaser 4 from Premier Pools & Spas on Vimeo.

The Pool Kings next mission is to tackle a Texas-Sized Retreat. Jane and Michael Johnson have two sons that they want to encourage to stay home. The Johnson’s thought building a swimming pool was the perfect way to coax them back home. Jane and Michael already have an idea of what they want in their swimming pool. They want to have an outdoor living space with a fire pit, they want to keep as much of the natural greenery that is in their backyard. “We wish a lot of good luck to Paul & Brian.” Jane & Michael express. Lastly the Johnson’s essentially want a place they can go out and relax.

Pool Kings: Texas-Sized Retreat 1Texas-sized Monster Design

On the ride over to the Johnson’s house, Paul and Brian talk about the Texas-sized retreat that they’ve designed. This swimming pool will be the biggest swimming pool Premier Pools & Spas has ever built. “It truly is a Texas-sized monster.” Brian says. Now to show the Johnson’s the design of their new swimming pool. Paul and Brian came up with a 66 ft long pool, which will be 36 ft wide. It is a freeform shape, so there will be no geometric lines. “I like that, it makes it look more natural.” Jane says. Paul tells them that their will be an over-sized spa equipped with 12 jets, and it can fit 12 people in it. The Pool Kings are going to add an outdoor kitchen which will have a natural rustic look. This outdoor lodge style living space will have a fireplace and built in barbecue. At the end of the swimming pool, Paul and Brian want to incorporate a 15 ft waterfall wall framed with two fire pillars. Extended passed the swimming pool, will be another fire pit with additional seating; however, Paul and Brian have two different design ideas when it comes to the additional seating area. Paul’s idea is to turn the seating area into a sunken area, which would make it more excluded and a private place to relax. Brian wants to the exact opposite thing to this seating area. He wants to raise the seating area, and give the Johnson’s a place with a view. They would be able to look over their entire backyard with an additional raised seating area. “Brian, I think you’re the winner here.” Jane says. Michael Johnson adds that the summers in Houston tend to get hot; therefore, having a raised area would allow for breeze to come through.

Pool Kings: Texas-Sized Retreat 2Day 1; Dig Day

The first day for this Texas-sized retreat project consists of excavation, the removal of a deck, and taking out tree stumps where the swimming pool is going to go. With a big day ahead of the Pool Kings, they hope that the expected rainfall holds off for a few days. The soil in the Johnson’s back yard is soft like butter, which can be great for digging. “The soil has really helped us out here.” Bill Unger, the owner of Premier Pools & Spas of Houston, notes. However the rain starts to come down in Houston, so the team is sent home for the day.

Rock Jokes Help Get The Job Done

After a delayed excavating process the Pool Kings go to check out how the soil is holding up. The soil ends up still being too wet to work with, so they wait for the sun to return to dry out the soil. Excavators can’t dig up soil when it is wet because the tires will get stuck in the mud. Once the crew is back in action it’s time for gunite. This swimming pool is around 2400 sq ft and it will take two days to gunite the entire swimming pool. Along with applying the gunite, the crew starts to custom place the moss rocks around the exterior of the swimming pool. Paul and Brian chose moss rocks for this pool design because it will tie into the natural look the Johnson’s are looking for. “Hey Brian, why’d the rock mason purpose to his wife at the quarry?” Paul tells Brian his rock joke “he wanted to get a little boulder”. Moving on from Paul’s rock joke, Jane comes out to pick what kind of interior finish she wants in her swimming pool. “Well we’re looking for a more natural look.” Jane is given the option between three interior finishes, and she picks the one that is a light blue/ green with glass in it. Paul and Brian are building a Texas-sized retreat for the Johnson family and the next step is to fill up the stairs, decking and floor of the kitchen with concrete. Additionally, they will be adding 3600 sq ft of flagstone rock around the swimming pool.

Pool Kings: Texas-Sized Retreat 3Bringing Tree Climbing to the Next Level

With the stone work underway, the focus switches to the outdoor kitchen. Six hundred pound support beams go up to frame the structure of the outdoor kitchen. Hand chiseled stone is added to the kitchen following the natural rustic look. The light blue/green interior finish goes into the pool, and it is filled up with water to cure. Last minute touches and detail goes into the Johnson’s backyard. Lighting is one of the most important finishing touches added to a backyard. When you add lighting to a backyard it can really take it to the next level.

Paul and Brian are finished with the Johnson families swimming pool, which means it is time for the reveal. “I can not believe it, y’all out did yourselves.” Jane tells the Pool Kings. Paul tells the Johnson family that their swimming pool is the size of 6 standard swimming pools, so essentially they have 6 swimming pools in their backyard. Their swimming pool is 2600 sq ft. “It’s so natural, it looks like it has always been here.” Michael tells them.

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