Isn’t it time you got your own pool (& pool noodle)? Or should we say, gym?!

Looking into using your pool for weight loss? Good for you. It’s time to put your pool to work in the name of fitness and your overall health. Grab a pool noodle for this exercise regimen! Working out is simply more fun when you are splashing around! Exercises done in the pool can promote healing of injuries and not to mention, burn fat. Dive into this pool noodle regimen and finally have some fun getting into shape.

swim up bar

After a good workout, visit your swim-up bar for a nice protein shake!

One of the many amazing benefits of having a swimming pool is the fact that swimming is great for your health – resulting in weight loss. If you have ever been swimming you can attest to how much of a workout it is! Whether your goal for the day is to relax and enjoy or fully get a workout, your body always thanks you for a swim. Still, we have found that many people believe that you have to be a trained or professional swimmer in order to gain these health benefits from the pool. That is absolutely not true, check it out!

Santa Clarita

Who wouldn’t want to work out in this beautiful gym?!

The Noodle Push/Pull

This particular exercise strengthens your upper body. For this exercise you will be immersing yourself into chest deep water or slightly deeper. Grasp the pool noodle with your hand grip shoulder width apart, palms down and begin pushing the pool noodle down towards the floor of the pool slowly. Once your arms are extended, very slowly let the pool noodle rise back up to the surface while maintaining some resistance. You should feel your upper body working, both: on the way down and up.

Do 10 repetitions for 3 sets.

Noodle Tucks

In between your noodle push/pulls and these noodle tucks, walk around taking deliberately large and dragging steps. Let the resistance work against your body. The noodle tucks require your body to be suspended at the surface of the water with your legs hanging down. So, venture into slightly deeper water until you find a good place for full extension of your legs. Get ready for a great core workout!

Curve the pool noodle around your back into a ‘C’ shape so it supports your body floating. Begin with your legs outstretched directly beneath you, toes pointed. Then slowly and deliberately raise your knees to your chest while keeping your back straight. Bring your knees up and far as possible to feel your abs engage. Hold it for 2-5 seconds and release your legs down into your pointed toe, hanging leg position, repeat.

Do 10 repetitions for 3 sets.


This one seems obvious, but how do you incorporate a pool noodle for an extra tough workout? Let us explain!

Find yourself waist deep water and go ahead and curve the pool noodle around your back in a ‘C’ shape again. Place your hands on the front areas of the pool noodle to secure the ‘C’ shape. Set distances for yourself. Many people like to venture from one side to the other, staying in the same depth range. If you have never tried to run in a pool, get ready! The resistance from the water works against you creating a tougher workout. This, in turn, will lead to the toning of the muscles in your legs. Begin running!

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Find a top quality pool construction expert in your local area now! So, what are you waiting for? Get to pool noodling! Weight loss is in your future.

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