Pool Openings in Maine

In the Northeast it’s getting to be that time of year again, time for pool openings in the swimming season.  At Premier Pools and Spas we believe that the proper steps taken in getting your pool opened ensures a full and healthy swimming season. Our motto is leave it to the professionals, with over 45 years of experience we can make sure that your pool equipment is working at its fullest potential as well as re-balance and tune in your water chemistry so you can get swimming without any of the headaches.   As the industry leader, we can also extend certain builder and manufacturer warranties on your pool system.

Pool openings in nice weather

We make it look easy, but that is only because we have been doing pool openings for 45 years!  Why sweat and strain just to get the cover off your pool when we come out and get it done quickly and professionally. Our technicians carry most replacement parts and pieces needed as well as all chemicals to perfectly balance your pool. We know what needs to be done to get you swimming, there is no second guessing.

pool openings in maine

Premier Pools and Spas of Lewiston takes pride in the fact that we renew the warranty on your underground plumbing annually when you open and close your pool with us, providing that we originally installed your pool.  We can offer this warranty because in the 45 years we have been opening and closing pools, none have had issues due to freezing pipes with the underground plumbing.  As the Pool Professionals in your area we are committed to making sure you have a hassle free pool for years to come.

We’ve got your back, as your local pool supply store we are experts in pool chemistry.  Come in for a visit at our store so that we can provide a detailed history of proper water chemistry when it comes to backing your manufacturing warranty. As a Jandy Preferred Dealer we are able to ensure your equipment operates efficiently now and well into the future.