1. The Versatility of Concrete

6 Astonishing Pool Patio Ideas for your backyard Oasis 1

If you are looking for pool patio ideas, you are on the right page. You can choose from many types of materials but concrete is the most versatile choice. The reason is it’s clean, smooth and may be used to make geometric or curvilinear shapes.

Besides, concrete is inexpensive durable and offers permanence. Although it’s easy to pour a concrete slab, you need to apply specific techniques during the curing process for textures or patterns. Another way to add texture is to use a sturdy, stiff broom over the concrete. This technique will create a tooth on the concrete surface so you don’t slip over it when it’s wet.

  1. Indian Canyons

6 Astonishing Pool Patio Ideas for your backyard Oasis 2

Concrete pool patios ruled Palm Springs. This desert community gets a lot of sunlight and little rainfall. This part of the world enjoys a hot climate so the common plants that can be found in the area include cacti and succulents.

The pictures show a Midcentury Modern house designed by two popular architects Stan Sackley and William Krisel. The patio received a traditional broom-swept finish.

  1. Water-Wise Design

6 Astonishing Pool Patio Ideas for your backyard Oasis 3

Both inside and outside this Arizona home, the same colors were used to connect the spaces. Designer Coffman Studio was behind all this work. This yard features succulents, ornamental grasses, rusticated steel planters, aqua walls, metal fire pit, and acid-finish concrete pavers and patios.

  1. Midcentury Roots

6 Astonishing Pool Patio Ideas for your backyard Oasis 4

On a Los Angeles hilltop, you can see this beautiful house influenced by the Midcentury Modern. On this hilltop, a structure of the historic Lloyd Wright was erected and shifted to the Colburn School later on.

Designed and built by Bonura Building, this house features a concrete patio and a geometric pool.

  1. Poured in Place

6 Astonishing Pool Patio Ideas for your backyard Oasis 5

This home including the patio and landscape was designed by Elevation Architects and is located in Healdsburg, California. Also, the concrete slabs were acid washed and poured in place.

The green strips you can see are Elfin Thyme that grows fast and stay compact. You can even walk on them. The patio is beautiful and framed with black, gray and white pea gravel.

  1. That Seamless Transition

6 Astonishing Pool Patio Ideas for your backyard Oasis 6

This is a mid-20th-century idea of designing a house. This design incorporates a seamless indoor/outdoor transition that has always looked quite modern. This design is a great choice for one-story houses as it allows you to walk out of French doors and reach the yard without any effort.

Built in the 1950s, this Seattle home was renovated by Lane Williams Architects. You can see two sliding doors that look great and open the dining room to the patio.

So, these are some great pool patio ideas for your backyard oasis. You can incorporate these patios to your property to make it more beautiful.

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