If your pool pump is not priming, you may have an airlock problem. Air lock happens when your pool plumbing rises above the horizontal inlet of the pool pump. In this article, we are going to talk a little bit about air lock in your St. Louis pool pump and what you can do when you are experiencing problems with your pool pump.

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Pool Pump – Stopping Air Lock

When you are having your plumbing installed, you need to make sure that the swimming pool pump is not above the level of the pump inlet height.  You should know that air lock only happens on the suction side of the plumbing. If you want easier access on the other side, it is fine for you to put the valves higher as that will not cause air lock since pumps are designs to push water more than pull water.

Designing Your Swimming Pool


When you think about designing your swimming pool, you may not be thinking about your pool pump and other plumbing, but you need to make sure that you are paying attention to these details. If you are not paying attention to these details, you may find yourself having more problems than you had ever thought possible.

If you want to avoid problems altogether, you can make sure to work with professionals from the beginning of the pool planning process. If you work with experts in the field while you are planning everything out, you won’t have to deal with mistakes that could have been easily avoided.

Many times pool professionals will be able to save you thousands of dollars simply because of their years of experience. Where you may think you have a good idea, there could have been some sort of challenge that would have come up if you had done things that way. Since you have their expert knowledge, they will be able to save you from that unnecessary mistake.

Creating Your Own Backyard Paradise

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Once you have all of the functional designing aspects done, you may want to work with the pool experts on designing some cool features for your own backyard paradise. There are so many different options that are available when it comes to your pool. You could make it a number of different shapes from traditional, modern to abstract. The sky is the limit and you can create something amazing.

When you have your own backyard paradise, you don’t have to worry about going to a swimming hole outside of your own home or trying to find a public pool that isn’t crowded. Being able to have your own pool also allows you to set the pool hours. If you want to be out late at night or early in the morning, it is up to you. When you own the pool, you are the boss. Your pool is your own personal paradise in your backyard and having the experts to help you will make everything that much easier.

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