Having your own pool and ensuring you pay attention to pool safety in your Gulf Coast backyard is important. Swimming pools are so much fun. But being the proud owner of a pool comes with safety obligations. This is to make sure that your swimming pool remains safe refuge for kids and adults alike.

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Here are a few pool safety products that you should consider to make your backyard pool in Gulf Coast safer,

Pool alarm

When many people consider getting an alarm for their Gulf Coast home, they do so with the purpose of safeguarding the pool area from unauthorized access. The same is true with regards to getting a pool alarm. Whether you want to keep wildlife out, keep neighbors out, or keep your children from sneaking into the pool without supervision; a pool alarm is a purchase that you will not disappoint you.

Some of the widely used types of Gulf Coast pool alarms are perimeter alarms, pressure sensitive alarms, and gate alarms (for pools with fences). If you want to have your children running around, then there’s another safety solution, which you can also try to keep them from hopping into the pool without your watchful eyes. You can place a water sensitive wearable alarm on your kid’s wrist, and it will go off any time that wrist is submerged in your pool or any other water body.

Pool fences

These are one of the more popular solutions to ensure safety and are often gate-locked and childproof. Most pool fences are user-friendliness and control the occurrence of sticking or broken mechanisms and hinges. On the other hand, a removable or temporary pool fence is important whenever kids visit the home; though, it’s recommended that you have a more permanent fence.

pool safety

There are numerous types of swimming pool fencing on the market; however, very few are made specifically for pool safety.

  • Glass
  • Chain Link
  • Wrought Iron
  • Mesh

Pool safety cover

A Gulf Coast pool safety cover is likely the simplest thing on this list; however, that does not mean that it is not as helpful as the others. Gulf Coast pool safety covers are a beneficial piece of equipment, which every pool owner needs to have.

These safety items are good for pool owners that have children, cats, or dogs. If for any reason these were unsupervised at poolside, they can rather stroll across the safety cover instead of taking an accidental dip.

Pool safety nets

These offer a secure, safe barricade while making the most of the available outdoor space and preserving the pool area’s ambiance and view. Pool nets offer a great barricade for confined or small spaces. Getting a cover for uniquely shaped swimming pools with raised painters, waterfalls, rocks, etc., can usually be prohibitive; however, they often pose no issue for swimming pool nets.

Pool Safety Gadgets for Your Gulf Coast Pool 1

Now that you know more on your pool safety and some things you can try out to make things better for your backyard oasis, feel free to contact Premier Pools & Spas of Gulf Coast for any concerns you might have.

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