When you are going into the off season, you may be looking for some pool tips that are going to make your life easier throughout this time. If you aren’t getting enjoyment out of your pool during the winter, you may not want to deal with it. In this article, we are going to give you pool tips that are going to make your off season and spring much easier for you.

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Pool Tips to Make Life Easier

Having a pool is a great deal of fun and there are countless hours of memories created. When it comes to off season, there can be some sad feelings because the pool helped you fill so many hours with great times. Taking care of your pool during the winter is important if you want to have a great spring opening and these pool tips will help you.

#1 – Add a Mid-Winter Algaecide

Unless you want to deal with algae, it is important to either use algaecide or algaestat (this is a preventive measure) that stays in the water for a good amount of time to make sure it does its job. On the last day you have your pool running, add this to the water and keep the pump running for 24 hours so it fully circulates. Once you have finished this make sure to shut down the circulation system for the winter.

#2 – Check Your Pool To Make Sure There Will Be No Freezing

As the winter is coming and you start planning to close the pool, make sure to check your pipes as well as the motorized parts of the pool. Your pump, pool heater, and filter should all have the water drained from them. The temperatures will begin to freeze and at this time any excess water in these parts are likely to freeze. If the water freezes in your pipes, you may experience cracking and this can cost serious money.

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#3 – Keep Your Pool Cover Clean

While this is one of the easier pool tips, it is very important. When you keep your pool cover clean all winter, you will make it easier for your pool opening in spring. If you do not keep your pool cover clean during the winter, there may be debris and even small animals found under your pool cover. When debris gets on the pool cover, it could cause an opening in the side that allows for debris and critters to get underneath. You don’t need that.

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Pool Tips – Protect Your Investment

While it may not be the most fun to take care of your pool, you did invest a good deal of money into it. You want to make sure that you protect your investment so when spring comes, you are going to have a beautiful pool to open up and play in with your friends and family. Doing a little extra work during the off season will make life much easier whenever you open up your pool for the first time during Spring.

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