Doing a pool workout in Houston can help you no matter what age you are. If you are dealing with problems that don’t allow you to do out of water exercise then exercising in water can help you get back into shape so you can function again. Many times you are able to do a pool workout when other activities have been off limits because of an injury or other problems that you might be exercising. In this article, we are going to talk about a 15-minute pool workout that will help you get in shape and feel amazing

pool workout

Pool Workout Guidelines

Warming Up – 2 Minutes

Warming up is very important. You do not want to jump right into your exercise without getting your muscles woken up. All warming up means is walking around your pool and moving your arms around so they know they are getting ready to do some work.

pool workout

Jog In Place – 3 Minutes

Jogging in place isn’t hard on your body when you are in the water so you can spend 3 minutes here getting your heart rate up. You can even get special aqua jogging shoes if you plan on doing this routine a lot.

Squat Jumps – 3 Minutes

Just squat down with your knees over your ankles and your butt out and then jump up as best you can in the water. Don’t go too quickly. Just go at a normal pace and do this for 3 minutes.

Bicycle – 3 Minutes

Go to the side of your pool, stretch your arms out and do the bicycle. Keep your legs up as best you can. If you sink, bring them up again and keep going until you finish out the 3 minutes.

Crunch – 3 Minutes

Stay in the same position as you were with the bicycle but instead, you want to put your feet straight out and then bring your knees to your chest. Repeat this for 3 minutes but make sure that you focus on your form more than your speed.

Cool Down – 1 Minute

Now take a minute to cool down and you can get back to whatever activities it was that you were doing.

What You Should Know About Your Pool Workout

pool workout

While it may seem very simple when you are doing your pool workout, you should know that you are doing something great for yourself. Staying consistent and being persistent in showing up for your workouts at least 3 times per week will make a difference in your body and how you feel overall.

Instead of feeling frustrated and worried about your health, you can start taking steps to make the rest of your life the best of your life with simple things like your pool workout.

Having a pool to help you in your efforts toward your health will enable you to kick excuses of not wanting to go to the local public pool or class and you can invite some friends over to get into the water with you. With this simple commitment, your life could truly change.

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