Gorgeous Pools with Aquariums

Get up close and personal with the resident sharks and other amazing underwater creatures in this crazy pool! The Tank located in Las Vegas at The Nugget Hotel includes an up close and personal glimpse at sharks and other aquatic life. There is even a slide THROUGH their tank! Climb 30 feet in the air, lean back and let gravity show you an exciting ride through The Tank in this one of a kind secured water slide.

Guests gush that this experience is unparalleled. After swimming with the sea creatures, dry off and enjoy a drink at the H2O Bar, or lounge tank side while enjoying the rejuvenating waterfalls.


A Shark Slide at the Golden Nugget Hotel in Las Vegas



Natural Pond = Pool with Aquarium?


Image from Inhabit.com

Have you ever been cruising around on Pinterest and you see a gorgeous swimming hole style backyard body of water and think, “Whoa! i would grab my rope swing a swing right into that!” Well, it is possible that a natural pond that doubles as a swimming pool is the right choice for you. Yes, you can have a swimming pool-aquarium hybrid, but only if you specifically build your “swimming hole” with that in mind. There are some factors that must be taken into consideration if a project like this is on your radar.

  • Chlorine cannot be used as it kills aquatic life, that means that your water will not be crystal clear.
  • Fish get stressed when foreign objects or people enter their habitat so you must find a breed that can handle that kind of stress.
  • There isn’t a great way to view the actual fish in your pond. Since it is a natural swimming hole it may be ‘murky’ and there won’t be a glass viewing area.

Ready to Install Your Own?

Innovative designs and pushing the boundaries in what our customers believe can and cannot be done is a specialty of ours. Although we have been honored to be given multiple industry awards and accolades, it is the relationships with our customers that mean the most to us and validates what we do every day. We look forward to having you as part of our growing Premier Family.

An aquarium may seem ridiculous to you to add onto your family’s pool however, Premier Pools and Spas offers a wide array of unique and exciting features for your swimming pool. Choose from our broad selection of custom pool features including interior and deck finishes, waterfalls, colored lights, slides, Acapulco shelf, water jets, grottos, beach entries, mosaic accents and more… all designed to complement your custom pool and your lifestyle. The use of natural or man-made rock can have a dramatic effect on your swimming pool design. From simple pebble work in a wall or deck to dramatic boulders flanking a pool or defining a waterfall, the use of rocks helps to create the kind of serene and breathtaking atmosphere you’d find in nature. Possibilities for incorporating rock into your swimming pool design are endless. So, you are welcome to leave the aquariums to the lavish hotels, or not!

Interested in Your Own Unique Pool?

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