An amazing city where residents can sport their swimwear and pass time at a craps table year round, Redding makes the perfect home for individuals who wish to enjoy a vacation-style lifestyle. Like most cities in The Golden State, swimming pools are staple features in many homes in Redding. From free form and circular pools, to oval shaped, and Redding geometric pools, you can find some of the most charming pools on residential properties in the city. In Redding geometric pools have remained popular even though other pool trends have come and gone over the years.

Redding geometric pools

Deciding on the perfect pool design for your backyard is never an easy choice to make because there are always a few factors that need to be considered. Two prime examples of factors that need to be considered are, the type of landscape that the pool is to be built on and the amount of space that is available. By far, one of the most important decisions that you will have to make in regards to the design of your pool is its overall shape. Geometric swimming pools can compliment any type of landscape primarily because they accentuate simplicity. Since they often feature square and rectangular shapes they are perfect for homeowners who want to conserve on space.

When they are installed with the right materials, these pools can blend effortlessly with traditional Redding homes.  The sharp corners of this pool type makes perfect accommodations for slides or any water feature you may want to add.

Redding geometric pools

We’re The Best When It Comes To Redding Geometric Pools

When you choose skilled pool professionals – like us at Premier Pools and Spas – then the possibilities are endless when it comes to the size and shape of your swimming pool. The only things that will limit you are your available resources and your available space. As we’ve said before, pools can be designed in various shapes; so it is important that you know about pool shapes that are popular, functional, or a mixture of both.

While there are many amenities that complement homes in Redding geometric pools are always a welcome addition to any backyard. This is because many homes in Redding make use of: contemporary architecture, sharp edges, and sharp lines and angles. These are all aesthetic features of geometric pools, which means that not only will your pool be functional, it will complement your house as well.

Redding geometric pools

Many beautiful Redding geometric pools are designed in the classic rectangular shape; a style that is not only iconic but also practical and aesthetically pleasing. Homeowners who enjoy swimming laps and using pools as a way to exercise find that this shape of pool is the most efficient. While the straight edges and sharp angles give Redding geometric pools a formal feel, some designs often incorporate rounded edges as a way to lessen the formality.

At Premier Pools and Spas we understand the importance of proper design and coordinating the composition of your pool with your home. Our team in Redding are experts in the industry and they are ready to provide you with pools of any shape or size.

Interested in Your Own Geometric Pool?

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