With fall fully upon us there are undoubtedly many swimming pool owners in Maine who are thinking about closing up their backyards (and their swimming pools as a result) until the warmer months return.

You don’t have to be afraid of making use of your backyard once summer is over! Here are a few ways that you can revamp you Maine backyard for the fall season.


Rearrange Your Seating Arrangements!

This is great advice for virtually any time of the year but it is especially useful when bridging the gap between summer and fall. During the warmer months of summer and even late spring, many homeowners in Maine opt for a more “wide open” approach to their backyard layout. As a result, places to sit usually come second to other aspects of their backyards.


However, compared to summer, fall is a much more laid back and relaxed season. Therefore, we actually recommend incorporating more seating options to your backyard during fall. A simple and relatively inexpensive way to do this would be to simply add an outdoor sofa to your backyard poolside area. Modular sofas are especially convenient in this regard, since they can be arranged and positioned in numerous ways – perfect for being matched with swimming pools of varying shapes and sizes.

Flowers and Foliage for that Fall Feel in Maine

Maine has no shortage off beautiful flowers, foliage, and assorted plant life, so why not make use of nature’s very own décor options in your backyard.

The thing that you should remember when choosing plants to add a touch of fall color to your backyard is that sometimes less is more.

Try not to go overboard and overdo your floral remodeling. Remember, even a dash of orange or yellow can work nicely with your usual greens to evoke feelings of fall.


Rethink Your Shades And Hues

Quite possibly one of the most iconic and beautiful things about fall is the striking colors that come with the season. So why not let your backyard mimic the best aspects of the season!

The same seating arrangements that we mentioned earlier are some of the easiest ways to alter the coloration of your outdoor space. How can you do this? Simple – by making some quick and easy changes to the pillows, as well as the upholstery of your outdoor sofas and other outdoor seating options.

While summer may be the perfect time for cheerful yellows and upbeat blues, this fall season you should try some different tones outdoors. Neutrals are always a no-brainer for fall – you can never go wrong with them. Likewise, evergreens can also be the perfect choice if you make use of them in a smart and efficient manner without overdoing it. Earth tones (such as your obvious browns) and oranges might seem like obvious colors to choose; however, make sure that you don’t overuse them and turn your backyard into a fluffy makeshift “pumpkin patch”.

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