We’re taking another look at celebrity pools today and this time we’ve put Rob Lowe pool in the spotlight. A celebrated film star from the 80s and 90s, Rob Lowe made a huge transition to the TV screen. He starred as a lead in the political drama The West Wing and was a long running recurring cast member on the ABC drama series Brothers & Sisters and the NBC political comedy Parks and Recreation. Nowadays he’s starring alongside Fred Savage in the new FOX legal comedy series The Grinder, while also living a laid back lifestyle at his Santa Barbara home with his wife Sheryl.

Rob Lowe pool

Rob Lowe pool and home are certainly awe inspiring; however, Rob himself is very inspiring as well. He is as much of a philanthropist as he is a talented actor. Back in 2000 Rob was the very first male spokesperson for the Lee National Denim Day fundraiser, charity that celebrates breast cancer awareness, education, and research. This is a subject that hits close to home for Rob Lowe, since breast cancer is a disease that has greatly affected his family over the years. Rob had to deal with the loss of his mother in 2003 at the hands of the disease; also, both his grandmother and his great-grandmother were afflicted by breast cancer as well. With his help, the Lee National Denim Day fundraiser has raised millions of dollars for breast cancer related research. Rob Lowe is also a founding member of the Homeowner’s Defense Fund. This is a non-profit organization in Santa Barbara that advocates for local control as it relates to land use planning.

The Lowe’s nesting ground, where they’ve raised their two sons Matthew and John, is a grandiose 20 room home that embodies the best of Gregorian styled architecture. The house and its surrounding features, such as Rob Lowe pool, all sit atop over four gorgeous acres of California real estate. Rob and Sheryl Lowe wanted a home that was not only beautiful but also functional as well. This is evidenced by the patio that has seen numerous family barbecues; and their large lawn that’s has been the playing field for more than a few casual teenage football games. However, by far the most welcoming aspect of this lavish family home is Rob Lowe pool and the accompanying backyard.

Rob Lowe pool

Rob Lowe pool and backyard are nothing short of perfection. Like the rest of the house, the pool area does its best to create a cultured blend of functionality and lavish beauty. The understated pool is accompanied by a matching spa that sits only a few feet away. The highlight of this pool area is the social atmosphere that it creates and fosters. Firstly, in an abstract way, the unobtrusive water features that line the edges of the pool create a sense of motion throughout the entire backyard. However, it is the parasols and numerous shaded seats, which are upholstered by Perennials fabric, that add a whole layer of coziness and togetherness to Rob Lowe pool and backyard.

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