With the Folsom Lake water levels seemingly restored, could the dreaded Sacramento drought finally be over? That is what recent happenings seem to indicate for Sacramento and neighboring cities. Citywide, the recent Sacramento drought has affected each and every one of us – people from all walks of life. it was only a few months ago, late last year that the water levels in the Folsom Lake were dwindling. Sacramento drought In fact, the water level in the Folsom Lake at the end of the previous year was the lowest recorded depth in history for the reservoir. Now, after weeks of persistent rain and snow since the start of the new year, the water levels in the Folsom Lake are on the rebound. Compared to the water levels in December of last year, the current water levels in the Folsom Lake have approximately tripled. Now residents are all wondering: “Could this be the end of the exasperating drought?” Sacramento drought Residents have survived through this hellish Sacramento drought by working together to endure the hardships and collectively conserving water. As a result of this, many yards were lawns and backyards were unavoidably left wanting during these trying times. Sprinklers were abandoned and more than a few residents admitted that they were dissuaded from installing the new pool that they really wanted. Over 500,000 swimming pools went out to sea last month in the federal mandated ‪‎flood prevention release when the lake was actually lowered by 9.2 billion gallons (28,372 acre feet) and today ‪‎Folsom Lake still hits the record high level set in 1983. We have water! Sacramento state officials have stated that only one of two events could resolve the drought problem in the area: first, if the four reservoirs in the Sacramento River basin somehow rise well above their flood stage; second, if reservoir storage levels in the state are 90 percent of capacity; and third, if significant runoff during September and October increase the water year to 110 percent of average. Sacramento drought

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With the tides now turning on this prolonged Sacramento drought a shiny new pool, spa, or spool, could be waiting in your near future. As the capital of California, the star of the map, Sacramento still has a lot to offer residents, from its amazing museums to its  aesthetically appealing parks but the drought has certainly dampened the experience of residents in the area. With summer fast approaching, more and more residents are ready to resume their regular daily activities. A lot of these activities include visiting nearby water attractions or unwinding right in the comfort of their own swimming pool. There will no doubt be a surge in the number of swimming pools installed this summer if signs of the drought continue to fade. Premier Pools and Spas stands ready to assist Sacramento residents to make up for lost time by providing them with stunning pool designs that they can choose from. Contact us today if you’re ready to put the drought behind you and embrace the Californian lifestyle once more! Sacramento drought

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