For homeowners in Sacramento having a small backyard is sometimes an unavoidable side effect of living in the city. However, owning a home with a small yard does not mean that you can’t have the beautiful backyard of your dreams. It just means that you have to be a little bit more creative and smarter about how you use the space that is available. Here are a few great tips that can help you get the most out of your small backyard. While we’ve written them with Sacramento in mind, most of them can be applied to any home, no matter where you live.


Budget Your Space Wisely

This applies to large backyards as well; however, it is doubly important for smaller backyards. Decide what you want your completed backyard to look like, even if you’re not going to build it all in one go. Even though your backyard may be small you can and should have dedicated areas for specific uses; instead of simply placing features randomly. List the features that you want to have in order of importance and usability. Are you an avid gardener or do you like to entertain guests; would you rather have extra seating or a vegetable garden? Whatever is more important to you should be your first priority.

You Have To Think Smaller


Yes, there is no avoiding this, sadly it is inevitable. If you’re going to want to have a multipurpose backyard then you are going to make compromises on the size of some features. This doesn’t have to be a bad thing; a lot of smaller features are just as gorgeous and useful as their larger counterparts. For example, if your backyard is too small to accommodate a full sized swimming pool then you could instead have a spool (small pool) or a spa built instead.

Build Your Backyard Around A Focal Point

Like any other room in your home, your backyard should have a focal feature that the area is built around. This focal point doesn’t necessarily need to be in the center of your backyard and it doesn’t need to be the largest piece as well. However, it should be the most aesthetically powerful piece – meaning that it should set the tone for your backyard and be the main thing that people’s eyes are drawn to. Features that are recommended as easy focal point to build off of include: swimming pools and other water features; gardens, trees, and other flora; patios and seating arrangements.

Are You Ready To Build Your Dream Backyard In Sacramento?


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