Salt Lake City, UT homeowners if you love your inground spa, you need to make sure you understand basic maintenance for your new purchase. In this article, we are going to talk about how to keep your new inground spa looking beautiful and functioning optimally.

Once you’ve got your new spa, you are living a life of luxury. Anytime you want to go take a nice soak, it is only as far as your backyard. To make sure you keep the fun going, you need to maintain your new spa.

Basic Maintenance You Need to Know for Your Inground Spa

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Before you start using your inground spa, you need to make sure you understand how to use it and how to maintain it. This is important when you want to give your inground spa a long life and save yourself unnecessary inconveniences.

Inground Spa Safety

To maintain your safety, make sure to read the owner’s manual guide to temperature. Make sure you do not exceed the maximum temperature and if you have kids in the hot tub, you should not put your kids in water that exceeds 100 degrees F.


While inground spa chemistry is similar to swimming pool chemistry, it is not identical. Chlorine could be used in your spa, but you may notice it gives off a strong and unpleasant odor when mixed with very hot water. You may want to look into using bromine or alternatives like biguanide sanitizer or mineral systems. If you are unsure of what to do, revert to your owner’s manual to see advice regarding pH levels, clarifiers, cleaners and calcium hardness.

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Make sure you find where your filter is in your new inground spa since you’ll need to remove it and clean it about once per week. At a minimum of once per year, you’ll need to replace it entirely. You will prevent damage when you make sure to stay on top of your filtration.

Enjoy Your Inground Spa

You won’t have too much of your time taken up by spa maintenance. It’s pretty simple when you understand what you are doing. Once you’ve done the work a couple of times, you will feel like a professional and be able to keep your spa clean and vibrant.

Your Inground Spa Home Resort

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Having your own inground spa is great for your health. Not only are you able to relax and enjoy yourself in the spa, but it is healthy for other reasons as well. Keeping your inground spa clean is important so you keep the health benefits and do not cause health challenges from having a dirty spa.

Being in water up to your neck causes you to have cardio benefits since water provides resistance against your body’s normal movements. Being in hot water increases the benefits because it helps you alleviate pains and helps you sleep. Taking a dip in the spa may be exactly what you need. Making sure to maintain your spa will enable you to keep enjoying these benefits.

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