For many, the: ‘San Antonio Lifestyle’ is synonymous with outdoor living. However, as houses in the city become larger, the alluring spot in the courtyard that once served as the main location for family gather has gotten significantly smaller, leaving little to no room for large swimming pools. For this reason, many owners are investing in smaller pools or “spools,” as they are commonly called. Adding a small swimming pool to your courtyard is a great way to create a place of luxury and relaxation in your home.

For homeowners who travel more than they are at home, a house that feels like a villa is always a plus. Premier Pools and Spa in San Antonio is happy to introduce you to these amazing, small courtyard pools that can inspire you to transform your outdoor space into your personal vacation spot. Enclosed for privacy but opens up to the sky, these courtyard spools offer a quiet spot for private conversations, dining or simply relaxing. Take a Look!

Cozy San Antonio Courtyard Pool

San Antonio

The maintenance list for this cozy courtyard pool is so short, it could fit in your hand middle. The lush green vegetation and natural material on the garage and studio makes maintaining the area a breeze. The wooden barn enhances the comfort and livability of the courtyard from one season to the next. Architecture is responsible for designing this simply and relaxing pool courtyard in a Pacific Northwest home that was decorated by Markham Roberts. Great job guys!

French Quarter Brick Courtyards

San Antonio

This French Quarter brick courtyard features lush green plants and a natural jungle ambiance. The natural brick deck patterns are chicly offset by the natural brown benches and courtyard walls. Lucky owners Ann and Charles Leggett of this 1820’s New Orleans cottage frequently have celebrations in their courtyard pool. The furniture is by Brown Jordon and the cottage was decorated by Susan Noble Jones.

Plantation Style Courtyard

San Antonio

This plantation style courtyard offers a sanctuary with a secluded uniquely shaped courtyard swimming pool and lovely water features, topped off with simply plants and furniture. Besides the many seating options, the courtyard features a balcony area where residents can rest and observe the scenery. Absolutely stunning!

Adding a small pool to your courtyard is a great way to enhance your property value and create a fun spot to spend time at home with friends. A small pool costs less to build, and it takes up less space in your courtyard but like their larger counterparts they come in all shapes and sizes, and there are several options to choose from. At Premier Pools and Spa in San Antonio we can help you transform your outdoor space into a tropical oasis. Like many homeowners, we’re willing to bet that you have an idea of what you want your swimming pool to look like, jot it down! We’d love to see it and help you make it into a reality.

And if you’re not interested in a courtyard pool, you are welcome to visit check out the Premier Pools and Spas San Antonio pool photo galleries for other captivating options.

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