Like anywhere else in California, if you’re living in San Diego pool toys are almost certainly not a new concept when it comes to summer fun. Pool toys like the common beach ball and the high powered super soaker may still be popular with kids; however, as adults most of us are tired of these run-of-the-mill pool toys. Here are three pool toys that are sure to make wave in your backyard this summer.

Rock Climbing Wall – Active Thrills Poolside!

San Diego pool toys

Just imagine, you’re talking to your friend and he’s boasting about the new inflatable water slide that he’s set up for his kids in his backyard. When he’s done telling you about his new inflatable water feature that’s when you just casually mention that you’re having fun breaking in your new rock climbing wall – and watch his jaw drop. Poolside rock climbing is now much more affordable than ever before and as a result it is now becoming more popular. Fear not, like virtually all other San Diego Pool Toys, poolside rock climbing walls are safe. Harnesses or ropes are not required since you’ll be falling right into your pool. One of the main reasons why a lot of people often decide to get a swimming pool is not only because it is a source of relaxation, it can also be the source of great workouts as well. This poolside rock climbing wall brings a new twist to swimming pool workouts, so no you can stay fit by swimming laps and scaling this wall as well.

Floating Sofa – Recline and Relax

San Diego pool toys

It goes without saying that poolside furniture is a must whenever you’re crafting your custom pool area in your backyard. Comfortable poolside seats are perfect for when you want to relax next to the water. However, this floating sofa, that seats three people, is one of the best San Diego pool toys for when you want to do that relaxing in the pool itself. Lounging while bobbing lazily on the water is extremely relaxing and soothing. This floating sofa is remarkably durable and it is also kid friendly, they won’t hurt themselves riding on it.

Buoyant Butler – The “Snack-King” Of San Diego Pool Toys

San Diego pool toys

We can’t all afford to hire a butler or even just a bartender for our pool parties. Don’t worry, here’s something that is better and also a great conversation piece as well. With this Remote Control Snack and Drink Pool Float you can stay dry while making sure that your family, friends, and guests, get their drinks and snacks. This Remote Control Snack and Drink Pool Float has great stability when it is floating in the water, so even if the water in you pool is a bit choppy because of boisterous kids, you can still steer your snacks to safety.

If refreshing new backyard fun is what you need in San Diego pool toys like these are perfect purchases. Any of these pool toys are sure to turn up the fun in your backyard this summer!

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