Summer is one of the most beloved times of the year that St. Louis residents look forward to. While temperatures can rise dramatically; the heat in St. Louis isn’t as unbearable compared to states that are further south. Nonetheless, residents in St. Louis always want to find ways to cool off when the sun comes out in full force. Since St. Louis is completely landlocked it’s safe to say that a trip to the beach is out of the picture (unless you’re up for a road trip). The only natural ways to cool off in and around St. Louis are a few state parks that have lakes; such as the Cuivre River State Park and Crowder State Park.

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This is why backyard swimming pools have become a popular means of cooling off in St. Louis. However, having a backyard that has a swimming pool and is also well-kept shouldn’t be the end of your outdoor home improvement plans. Your backward area should only be functional, it should also be aesthetically appealing as well.

Don’t have any extra cash to spend of large scale home improvement projects? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Here are our 3 favorite DIY projects that are perfect for backyards in St. Louis.

St. Louis DIY Projects: Hanging Jar Lanterns

Glass jars have always been popular DIY decorations for backyards; they can be used as quaint ornaments, charming lights, or tiny flower vases. Jar lanterns are a very popular backyard decoration that are extremely simple to create. All you need is the appropriate glass jars (Mason jars or otherwise), enough heavy-duty wire to hang the jars, and some votives or tea lights. If you’re not going to be hanging your new jar lanterns then the wire isn’t really necessary. A couple of these glass jar light can work well as a centerpiece for your outdoor dining area.


St. Louis DIY Projects: Chandelier Planter

Chandeliers are great indoor decorations but the can also be utilized outdoors as well. If your chandelier is getting a bit old and you’re thinking about taking it down then you should know that you don’t have to simply throw it away. Instead, with a little DIY ingenuity you can turn it into a pretty and practical planter that hangs outdoors. If you don’t have a chandelier but want to use this DIY project in your backyard then you can check your neighborhood garage sales in St. Louis to see if your neighbors are trying to get rid of theirs.

St. Louis DIY Projects: Outdoor Bin Storage

Kids are always running around and playing in backyards during the summer in St. Louis. This is especially true if these backyards have swimming pools, large play areas, or both. However, with playful kids comes unavoidable messes and clutter. This simple DIY backyard project can not only add character to your outdoor area, it’s also extremely functional as well. You will simply need some large bins made of the material of your choice; we prefer colorful hard plastic bins. You will also need to have a convenient means of labelling the different bins; we prefer using waterproof and washable markers for outdoor projects such as this. Place your labelled storage bins on outdoor shelves or in designated areas where their contents are going to be used. Store sports equipment, pool toys, gardening tools, and anything else!

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