It’s summer in Philadelphia, hooray! The free outdoor concerts, vibrant exhibitions, raving pool parties, dining under the sun, and all the warm-weather fun, all make the “the City that Loves you Back” fun-filled in the summer time. There are a plethora of fun activities you can find in the city, and at PPS we want to ensure that you don’t miss out on anything this summer. To help you make the best of this summer we’re bring you our top pick of things to add to you Philadelphia summer bucket List. From playing Marco Polo in your swimming pool and hiking scenic trails to watching fireworks and rocking out at festivals, these are some of the fun activities that you should partake in this summer.

Go Hiking, Biking or Horseback Riding at Wissahickon


The Wissahickon is a must visit for all you adventurous souls. It features over 50 miles of scenic trails; offering hikers, runners, and bikers the challenge of more rugged and steeper trails to test their limits. The meadow and shaded forests are great for horseback riding if biking or running isn’t your way of having fun. If you get a bit dehydrated while exploring the gorge then you can always stop by the historic Valley Green Inn, it’s among the few remaining roadhouses and taverns that exist here.

Watch The Fireworks at Longwood Gardens


The fireworks and fountain shows at Longwood Gardens will make your summer an unforgettable one. Bring your family to enjoy the festive fireworks, relax as they illuminate the Philadelphia night sky, and enjoy music from some of the must iconic performers. Before stopping by the show don’t forget to stop by the Family Fireworks BBQ for a tasty mean or visit Longwood’s picnic venue to enjoy a home cooked treat in the open air.

Let Loose at the Made In America Music Festival


Curated and organized by musical expert Jay Z, the Made in America Music Festival is one of the most star-studded music festivals in America. There’s nothing more satisfying than spending your Labour Day weekend listening to indie, pop, electronic, music, and live rock, from some of the biggest names in the industry – you don’t want to miss it!

Swimming Pool Games At Home


Summer is swimming pool time. That being said, if you’re still missing a pool in your backyard then now might be the time to install one. There’s nothing quite like having a swimming pool at home during the summer. When the temperature rises, having somewhere convenient to cool off and have fun with friends and family is a must. Swimming pools make for a number exciting games like Marco Polo and ping pong. The team at PPS is ready to assist you with installing your swimming pool or remodelling your existing one in your Philadelphia home. Our areas of specialty include: freeform pools, classic swimming pools, geometric pools, small pools, and much more. Just give us an idea of what you’re looking for and we’ll make this summer your best yet!

Slurp a Huge Cup of John’s Water Ice


After a long day of exciting swimming pool games in the warm summer weather, a huge up of water ice from John’s Water Ice is simply a must have. Go there and watch as they transform your favorite fruits, frozen water and sugar into a delicious treat that will keep you cool – it’s perfect for those days when the heat is just too much.

What Else Is On Your Summer Philadelphia Bucket List?

Summer in Philadelphia is all about having fun – getting totally wet, exploring flea markets, dining at the best places, and rocking out at festivals. Add these too your bucket list and you’re bound to have a fantastic “Philadelphia summer”.

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