Ah, it’s our favorite season in The Heart of Texas. Time to say goodbye to baggy clothes and cloudy skies – summer is here which means 93 days of fun and entertainment – vibrant music, carnival rides, beer and wine gardens, fireworks, and gorgeous bikini clad babes. As the summer season steams in there’s no shortage to the number of activities that you can enjoy. However, as most Texans will tell you, on hot summer days there simply no better way to pass time than the cool waters of an outdoor swimming pool in your backyard. Summer is all about sporting bikinis, lounging by the pool, and working on that natural bronze glow that we all love. If your backyard in The Heart of Texas is still missing a swimming pool then now is the perfect time to install one. Why? You’re about to find out.

Staying Cool in Your Own Space

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With some summer days surpassing 100 degrees, a long trek to a public swimming pool is definitely not the easiest or most relaxing way to get through the day. A private pool in the comfort of your own home allows for more intimate moments with your friends and family – you can even include water slides and other amazing features in your swimming pool to make even more exciting than a public pool. The best part is that while a visit to the movie theatre, amusement park, or even your local pool will have to come to an end, you’ll have the luxury of enjoying your swimming pool whenever you feel like for years to come.

Hosting Amazing Summer Pool Parties In The Heart of Texas

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Creating a summertime oasis in your backyard makes you the perfect candidate for hosting summer parties – simply add a few beers, perhaps some tangy pulled pork or smoky brisket and you’re good to go! In addition, you might also want to invest in swimming pool toys that your guests might enjoy. Party appropriate swim toys range from beer pong floats to inflatable water slides.

Have Fun While Staying Fit

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A swimming pool in The Heart of Texas will give you all the excuse you need to spend less time in the gym on hot summer days. Sure, the dumbbells and treadmills at the gym can give you a good workout but when temperatures outside exceed 100 degrees it’s easy to get stuck in a no-workout rut. Swimming pools are great for staying in shape and getting that perfectly sculpted and toned body. In fact, swimming is one of the best aerobic workouts and a great way to burn calories – plus what better place to work out than the comfort of your home.

Swimming pools are worthwhile investments, just like your house or car – you wouldn’t purchase your house from an unskilled realtor; and the same rules apply to your pool. Premier Pools and Spas of The Heart of Texas, TX is always happy to assist homeowners who are looking to beautify their home with a swimming pool. Contact us today and you’ll be one step closer to having an exciting summer right at home.

Also, in honor of the tan line season, check out this video on 13 places to visit in Texas this summer.

Interested in Your Own Backyard Pool?

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