Want your pool to last a long time? Then, be diligent to your swimming pool cleaning. A clean well-maintained pool is key to a pool investment that pays off.

A basic component of swimming pool cleaning is brushing its surface, side walls and bottom. Ideally, this should be done once a week. If you are pressed for time, try to at least clean your pool once a month. Increase the number of times that you brush your pool during summer season, when pool use is likely to reach its peak.

Swimming Pool Cleaning: How To Brush Your Pool

You’ll find that brushing your pool comes intuitively. You start at the surface. Then, you move your way to the side, cleaning each section of the pool’s walls. Once this is done, you need to brush the bottom of the pool. Make sure to cover everything, down to the main drain.

Don’t mistake a clean-looking pool as actually clean. Dirt and debris aren’t always obvious. If you let these remain in your surface, sides and bottom for a long period of time, the water quality deteriorates. It can pose health risks to people who use your pool.

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