pool-party-gamesHow best to share your pool with family and friends? Throw a party! A swimming pool party is a great way to bond and enjoy time with people you love. Here are some ideas for a hassle-free party!

How to Throw a Pool Party

Swimming Pool Party for Kids
Kids and adults have different tastes when it comes to parties. So, if your special guests are mostly below 18 years old, give them an age-appropriate, safe and fun swimming pool party.

First on the list of things to do is to create a conducive party ambiance. Give your partygoers the visual stimulants to get the party started. Decorate your poolside with bright and festive colors. Bring out your pool toys and place then in the water so they’re ready to be used. Don’t limit the toys to just waterproof ones. Bring out bouncy toys and what-not near the deck.

Next, you need to take care of refreshments. Put together easy-to-eat food, such as mini burgers and ice cream, and refreshing drinks like pink lemonade and iced tea. Make it more fun for the kids by decorating their cups with cocktail umbrellas.

Now, let the kids have fun. If they need a little encouragement, prepare games for them. You can go with popular pool games, such as Marco Polo, and Shark and Minnows. Or, create original ones. Just make sure to always consider the safety of your participants. Have a life buoy, first aid kit and towels handy.

Swimming Pool Party for Adults
If your guests are mostly grownups, you might not need to prepare games – children’s games, that is.

The idea for adult pool parties is pretty much the same with children’s parties. You need to create the ambiance and mood first through decorations and features. An outdoor bar is a good idea. Decorate the backyard with a tropical theme. Get leis done for your friends and present this to them once they enter the venue. Hand them a refreshing drink while you’re at it. (You can even reuse the cocktail umbrellas you used for your kiddie pool party!)

A swimming pool party is also a great time to bring out the outdoor barbecue grill. Cook up a storm while your guests swim around or mingle. Grill food that can be eaten easily, without utensils, such as hamburgers and sausages.

Drinks should flow too. You can have the usual beer and wine. Or, if you’d like to stick with your theme, how about some pina coladas or mai tais?

Adults don’t usually need any encouragement to get social and talk to people. But, if you want to make it more fun, organize games that grownups will love. Forget Marco Polo! Do a Dirty Dancing musical chairs, naughty relay races or the usual beer pong.

Again, like with children’s swimming pool parties, keep safe. It can get rowdy with alcohol around. So, secure the pool area with a life buoy, first aid kit, towels and a watchful eye.