lv_gal2_3Pools alone are already great. But what if you can make them even more amazing? These swimming pool water features will definitely elevate your pool to awesome level!

Hot Tubs
Go home to a hot tub in your backyard. Up the mood with pool lighting, soothing music, and perhaps some wine. Hot tubs are probably the most ooooh-inducing swimming pool water features that you can get. It is not just about making your backyard sexier. It’s about creating a backyard oasis that you’d love to come home to.

Add drama to your backyard pool landscaping with waterfalls. As majestic as they are in nature, you’d be amazed with how these swimming pool water features can transform your yard. The sound of water trickling down the falls alone makes this a worthwhile investment. Design your yard with nature in mind. Use your waterfalls and pool as a focal points.

Jets and Bubblers
If you want a pool with a fun flair, consider installing jets and bubblers. Kids will love their playful water effects. Plus, you can design your backyard to incorporate their visual effects. Don’t get stuck with the usual green and blue. Get creative with jets and bubblers. Your yard will look amazing!

Swim-up Bar
Do you love throwing pool parties for your friends? Consider installing a swim-up bar in your pool. You’ll surely win as the best host!

Serve cocktails by the pool. Built-in stools are great for hanging out and relaxing. It also makes pool-side alcohol consumption a little safer – without spoiling the fun!

Tanning Ledge
Since we’ve begun to talk about hanging out, your poolside is also a great place to work on your tan. So, why not take the typical tanning bed to the next level. Install a tanning ledge and get your feet wet!. A tanning ledge is a stylish convenience that will surely make your yard look amazing.

It is also a place to leave toddlers to themselves without you worrying too much. When your kids just want to get wet and splash around, tanning ledges can do the job too!