How to save money with energy-efficient pool equipment

A pool will certainly add value and beauty to your property, but it is also the biggest energy user. So it's essential that you make your pool as energy-efficient as possible. Most pool owners prefer eco-friendly swimming pools. Luckily, with the modern facilities and technology today, it’s possible to make both newly constructed and existing

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How long should you run a pool pump for

The pool pump is essentially the backbone of the swimming pool. It allows us to properly distribute pool chemicals throughout the entire swimming pool. Without the pool pump our swimming pools would be filled with dirty water. There are some common pool pump questions that we're going to cover, so keep reading to learn how

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What Should You Know When Planning an Indoor Swimming pool?

With the temperature reaching 38°C in summer in Boise, Idaho, an indoor pool can be a good addition to your home to get some respite from the heat. Before you make a decision to build one, make sure you have appropriate space, utilities, and budget to build an indoor pool. Here are 5 things you

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Choosing the Right Pool Pump Motor for Your Austin Pool

Whether you are thinking about building a new pool in your Austin outdoor space or considering updating your existing setup with the assistance of Premier Pools & Spas of Austin professionals, the subject of a pool pump motor will definitely show up as you go along. As the heart of any pool system, pumps often

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How Can You Strategically Hide your Pool Equipment?

The sun is out! Grab some SPF and get ready to hit the pool. You are ready to cannonball and get a tan. There is just one problem. The pool equipment is killing the outdoor ambiance. You likely have a vast array of pool equipment. While it may be necessary, it likely detracts from the

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Budgeting a Pool for your new Santa Clarita Swimming Pool

Prepare for the Most! Making sure that you have a plan and budget set before starting pool building is quite important. There are a few factors that homeowners may forget about when budgeting a pool for their backyard. In this article we are going to go over everything you should keep in mind when

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How to Have an Eco-friendly Pool in Temecula

An eco-friendly pool is a great addition to your Temecula home. It will bring together the many advantages of having your very own pool without unpleasant chemicals and other additives, which are traditionally used in modern pools. If you want a naturally refreshing experience, get your own private backyard oasis in your home! Here are

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Swimming Pool Equipment Maintenance Louisville- What You Should Consider

Swimming pool equipment is important in helping your Louisville pool run smoothly. This means that, if there's damage to your swimming pool equipment, whether because of insufficient cleaning or maintenance, then soon enough, your pool will stop functioning. Nobody will want to swim in a pool that is on it's way to being dirty. Keep

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Energy Efficient Pools: How to Make Sure Your Pool Goes Green

Everyone is going green and wants energy efficient pools. If you want to do your part for the environment this article will talk about some things that you can do to make sure your pool is functioning efficiently. Energy Efficient Pools - Do You Have One? If you have an energy efficient pool, you won't

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