What to Know About Pool Building in Santa Clarita

Pool Building in Santa Clarita, as well as the rest of the United States, comes with a lot of steps and responsibilities. However, we want to be able to create every one of our customers the backyards of their dreams. Sometimes to do so the homeowner needs to know how we build a swimming pool.

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Orange County – 4 Reasons To Get A Pool

Many homeowners in Orange County often focus on having stunning interiors in their homes; however, backyards shouldn’t be neglected. An attractive backyard that is fitted with a swimming pool and other amenities is a great way to accentuate the beauty of your home as well. Swimming pools are the best backyard beautifiers but aesthetics aren’t

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Pool Installation Questions Answered!

Premier Answers Pool Installation Questions! Premier Pools & Spas is a pool building company that has built over 60,000 swimming pools in the last 30 years. Premier is the largest pool building company, and just started their own service industry in 2018. We get asked questions constantly, and our newest branch in Treasure Coast, Florida,

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Pool Kings: Million Dollar View Pool

Here are the Pool Kings; Building a Million Dollar View Pool The Pool Kings stay near home for this pool project. Located right in El Dorado Hills, California is the million dollar view pool! Paul and Brian have some unexpected surprises through this episode of Pool Kings. While building a tropical island for the King

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Pool Kings- Mountaintop Luxury Lagoon

If You Can Dream It, They Can Build It! Paul and Brian, the Pool Kings, create a mountaintop luxury lagoon for the Leasure family. The Leasure family has a beautiful log cabin on 40 acres of property with a spectacular view of Folsom lake and the valley. The Prefect Spot for a Pool While Paul

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Pool Kings: A Pool with a View

The Pool Kings Transform the Solliday's Backyard into a Resort! Paul and Brian take a half demolished backyard and turn it into a beautiful pool with a view that blends perfectly with the Solliday's backyard! Their goal when creating the pool designs is to keep the yard as open as possible, so the family doesn't

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Pool Kings: Houston Southern Oasis

Watch the Pool Kings reveal a Southern Oasis for the Frankum family! During season 7; episode 3 of Pool Kings, Paul and Brian create an outdoor paradise that meets all the Frankum's desires in a swimming pool. The location of this swimming pool is in Houston, Texas, and the owner of this Premier Pools &

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Pool Kings- Georgia Peach Pool Paradise

Paul and Brian Porter, the Pool Kings, take on a Backyard Resort Style Pool in Georgia! The Pool Kings, took on an over the top pool with a lazy river in Georgia. Susie Parrish and her son Kyle contacted the Pool Kings and Premier Pools & Spas of North Georgia to achieve building a dream

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