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Date Night Ideas in your Temecula Hot Tub

All human beings thrive on intimacy and human contact. Regardless of whether you are married or single, old or young, male or female intimacy is a basic need. What better way to relax than set up a date in your Temecula hot tub? With the closeness it brings and the steamy air it definitely spells romance. You can plan for a date night in your Temecula hot tub. This will be a fun way to let go and you can come up with creative ways to make the date night memorable. You can plan the date night to celebrate a special occasion such as an anniversary, birthday, and work promotion or simply to relax. date night Read on for date night ideas that will get the mood steamy.

1. The Invitation

The way you invite your special someone for the date night will set the tone for the night. Even if you have been in the relationship for long you should make the invite romantic. Mutually agree on a time. Although verbal is okay, put in some effort and send the invite in a special way. For instance, you can surprise them with a rose petals invite or you can send a card such as this; “Would you care to join me for a special date night to rediscover our love and enjoy gazing at the stars as we take in beautiful smells, enjoy great food and listen to our favorite tunes?”

2. Food Preparations

Keep the food light with canapés and snacks such as kabobs. Vegetarian or not, make them colorful and captivating. You can prepare them in advance and refrigerate them until D-day. You can also try out fruit kabobs with different fruits that are in season such as strawberries, pineapple, grapes, kiwi, apple, watermelon, papaya, orange cuts, mango and blueberries among others. Remember to soak the apple cuts in lemon to avoid browning. date night

3. The Music

The music is a tone setter and can make all the difference in seductive persuasion. I suggest soft music such as soul music or blues. Pick tunes that is relaxing and your partner enjoys.

4. Drink Preparations

Let your creativity reign with the drink preparations. Depending on both your preferences you can make the drinks virgin or alcoholic. Some of the drinks you can prepare include a simple virgin mint refresher. Crush mint leaves and mix with lemonade, iced tea or soda and serve. As much as possible use shatterproof glass to avoid draining your tub in case the glass breaks.

5. The Massage

Worry not if you do not know how to go about it. Take some lessons on YouTube and make your partner relax using various massage techniques. date night

6. The Smells: Aromatherapy

Choose essential oils to spice up the air and enhance your mood. Essential oils have many therapeutic benefits and you can be sure of relaxing as you enjoy the aromatherapy. Some of the essential oils you can try out include chamomile, lavender, rosemary, orange, lemon, rose, grapefruit and eucalyptus. It is important to note that essential oils are highly concentrated. Do not use them undiluted directly on the skin. Keep the hot tub temperature moderate to avoid overheating. Set up candles to create a romantic mood or use low lighting. Now that everything is set up, it is time to relax and connect with your partner for your date night. Your hot tub/ Spa can even be attached to your swimming pool, if you have one that is. If you don’t, then now is the perfect opportunity to build your own inground swimming pool and attached spa with Premier Pools and Spas. We want to help make all of your dreams come true when it comes to swimming on hot summer days and relaxing in your attached spa after a hard day at work. We can make that happen for you, just contact Premier Pools and Spas at the nearest location to you.

Date night ideas, in your Temecula hot tub


Temecula Fulfills the Leroux Family’s Dreams!

The summer is already over, and if you spent it lounging in your living room daydreaming about owning your own swimming pool, or imagining yourself reclining on a float in clear, blue water in the privacy of your Temecula home, it’s time to make a change. While installing a swimming pool is a big investment, the recreational and social benefits vastly outweigh the cost. If you can’t take our word for it, ask the Leroux family!

Take A Look AT The The Leroux Family Pool

Temecula Premier Pools & Spas of Temecula has yet another happy customer! The Leroux family pool is now complete and ready for enjoyment. This beauty of a pool has Cordova creme traventine with honey gold classic stack stone, three sheer descents, aqua blue mini pebble with three blue blend glass and abalone shell. They chose pavers for decking. Temecula The Leroux family loves everything about their new pool and we couldn’t be more satisfied. The timeless beauty of the honey stacked stones blends naturally with the hardscape of their backyard, adding elegance and style. But the sheer descent waterfall is perhaps the feature that enhances the tranquillity and beauty of the scene the most.  Whether they want to transform the pool into a playful water park or a romantic oasis, the water effects make a great addition. We’ll definitely add this to our list of successfully completed Temecula projects.

We Love What We Do And We’d Love To Share It With You In Temecula!

Temecula Premier Pools of Temecula is a customer service driven office and we have a youthful exuberance for what we do. We are on a constant mission to recreate ourselves to become our best selves as individuals and as a business. Don’t spend next summer dreaming about your dream pool when we’re here to help you. Installing a swimming pool is much more than adding value to your home, it’s an investment in your family. Children these days are always on the go looking for ways to entertain themselves and thus end up spending less time at home. Having a swimming pool in your backyard will give them a reason to spend more time at home. Whether they’re hosting a pool party or helping you to clean the pool, they won’t be as eager to leave the house every weekend. Now that’s an investment that’s worth every penny. Honestly nothing makes us happier than seeing the smiles on our customer’s faces after the job is complete. We strive for that experience on every swimming pool we build. Since joining Premier Pools and Spas, the Temecula branch has had great success in building over 120 swimming pools in two and a half years. We have designed and built some of the most stunning swimming pools in Southern California and we can do the same for you! Contact us today to learn how we can help.

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Premier Pools of Temecula Appears on Ultimate Pools New Series for HGTV

Jeff Boyer, the Owner of Premier Pools & Spas of Temecula was one of two Premier Pools locations recently featured on a couple of episodes of the new HGTV series “Ultimate Pools”. The show interviewed Jeff and the homeowners to showcase the incredible job that was done in their backyards.

Scenes from the Ultimate Pools Episode – “Great Grotto Pool”

Scenes from the Ultimate Pools Episode – “Kalani Cove Pool”

Temecula Appears Twice on HGTV’s Ultimate Pools

Being on “Ultimate Pools” was a tremendous honor for Jeff Boyer. He’s been enormously successful at building up his operation the past few years and has gone from a $500,000 a year pool builder into a $5 Million a year builder – truly an American success story if ever there was one. Jeff’s customers have the highest praise for the work he and his team produce. It’s not hard to figure out why, his craftsmanship, creativity and attention to detail make him one of the finest swimming pool contractors in the country. Watch the Kalani Cove Pool Episode of Ultimate Pools The Kalani Pool is the ultimate lazy river party pool. The pool utilizes a forced current to propel swimmers around the shallow and slightly narrow winding river design at a relaxing speed. The owners of the Kalani Pool had 16 pool builders bid the project and half of them said that they were unable to do a project of that nature. It wasn’t a problem for Boyer. For those who crave some adventure and exercise, Boyer was able to build a swimming-hole portion, deep enough for a jump off of the waterfall shelf. Watch the Great Grotto Pool Episode of Ultimate Pools Boyer’s Great Grotto Pool is a large, tropical-themed pool that boasts features such as: a jump wall of boulders, fire bowls, two slides including one that ends 5 feet above the water and a gigantic hot tub that can accommodate 12 party-goers. The large pool holds 40,000 gallons of water and Boyer incorporated the existing hillside into the design by adding gorgeous steps and hidden seating areas flanked with fire bowls. A swim up bar serves as the icing on the cake for the full-scale social scene that the home owners had envisioned.  

Check out this negative edge pool in Temecula!

Let Premier Pools & Spas show you how to beat the summer heat in Temecula with our stunning pool design. As you might have guessed from our company name, our goal is to design and install “premier” quality pools that are both elegant and functional. Early one morning we started up the Robinson family pool. They said we made their lifelong dreams come true today. It’s our “why” and what we do! Temecula This gorgeous infinity pool is simply a work of art that will have you daydreaming about a similar view this summer or a vacation in the Caribbean. Also known as zero edge, vanishing edge, or negative edge pool; an infinity edge pool can transform even the least scenic landscape into a tropical oasis. There are reflecting pools that are primarily seen in resorts and are designed to produce a visual effect of water meeting the horizon, with edges that seem to vanish into space.

The Robinson Family Infinity Pool

Temecula Premier Pools & Spas of Temecula, has kicked things up several notches with one of the most stunning infinity pool designs for the Robinson family, bringing Hawaii to Temecula! The distinct pool will display some amazing custom features, installed using state of the art equipment. Features will a lazy river that flows around the outdoor area, with a super grotto, giant custom waterfall and bridge. The lazy river system is quiet but powerful and will be incorporated naturally into the landscape. Palm trees and flowers will be included to intensifies the island imagery while the swim up bar will a bit of excitement to the pool. We predict the Robinson family will have some of the best memories by their swimming pool – jumping from the water fall area into the pool, or simple roasting s’mores by the nearby fire pit area, which will be easily accessible by the bridge. Chairs around the fire pit will resemble large river stones for a more natural look. And to “put the icing on the cake”, the pool will also feature a water slide and the patio area is neatly furnished when complete. It’s simply a work of art. Temecula

Dreaming of A Similar View In Temelcula? Let Us Help!

You can recreate elements of your favorite tropical getaway spot right in your backyard with the help of Premier Pools & Spas. We’ll help you to create the most relaxing swimming pool complete with amazing feature like the majestic waterfall or huge grotto includes in the Robinson family. We like to think of ourselves as experts at designing infinity edge pools. Installing a swimming pool (whether it’s an infinity swimming pool or not) is the job of an expert with stellar experience in installing custom pools, criteria our Temecula team can possess. Give Premier Pools & Spa of Temecula a call if you’re interesting in installing a swimming pool in your home.

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Grand Opening of New Showroom in Temecula

We’d like to congratulate Premier Pools & Spas of Temecula, Franchise Owner – Jeff Boyer and the rest of his team on the Grand Opening of their new pool showroom and design center. They officially cut the ribbon and opened the doors to the public on February 27, 2016 and kicked things off with a celebration to announce their arrival to their new neighbors and the rest of the community.

Thanks for Joining The Celebration!

Thanks to everyone who brought their kids out to enjoy the bounce house. We enjoyed seeing celebrating with everyone at the barbecue. If you missed out, we were set up out front with games and prizes for anyone stopping in who just so happened to be in the market for a pool. It was a lot of fun and on behalf of all of us at Premier Pools & Spas we’d like to thank everyone who participated and made our grand opening such a smashing success. Photos from the Grand Opening Event

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