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Premier Pools of Temecula Appears on Ultimate Pools New Series for HGTV

Jeff Boyer, the Owner of Premier Pools & Spas of Temecula was one of two Premier Pools locations recently featured on a couple of episodes of the new HGTV series “Ultimate Pools”. The show interviewed Jeff and the homeowners to showcase the incredible job that was done in their backyards.

Scenes from the Ultimate Pools Episode – “Great Grotto Pool”

Scenes from the Ultimate Pools Episode – “Kalani Cove Pool”

Temecula Appears Twice on HGTV’s Ultimate Pools

Being on “Ultimate Pools” was a tremendous honor for Jeff Boyer. He’s been enormously successful at building up his operation the past few years and has gone from a $500,000 a year pool builder into a $5 Million a year builder – truly an American success story if ever there was one. Jeff’s customers have the highest praise for the work he and his team produce. It’s not hard to figure out why, his craftsmanship, creativity and attention to detail make him one of the finest swimming pool contractors in the country. Watch the Kalani Cove Pool Episode of Ultimate Pools The Kalani Pool is the ultimate lazy river party pool. The pool utilizes a forced current to propel swimmers around the shallow and slightly narrow winding river design at a relaxing speed. The owners of the Kalani Pool had 16 pool builders bid the project and half of them said that they were unable to do a project of that nature. It wasn’t a problem for Boyer. For those who crave some adventure and exercise, Boyer was able to build a swimming-hole portion, deep enough for a jump off of the waterfall shelf. Watch the Great Grotto Pool Episode of Ultimate Pools Boyer’s Great Grotto Pool is a large, tropical-themed pool that boasts features such as: a jump wall of boulders, fire bowls, two slides including one that ends 5 feet above the water and a gigantic hot tub that can accommodate 12 party-goers. The large pool holds 40,000 gallons of water and Boyer incorporated the existing hillside into the design by adding gorgeous steps and hidden seating areas flanked with fire bowls. A swim up bar serves as the icing on the cake for the full-scale social scene that the home owners had envisioned.  

Premier Pools of San Diego Appears on HGTV’s Ultimate Pools

Recently the Owner of Premier Pools & Spas of San Diego, Aaron Temme was fortunate enough to appear on a couple of episodes of the new HGTV series “Ultimate Pools”. The show followed him on location and interviewed the homeowners about the incredible work that Aaron and his team did in their backyards.

Scenes from the Ultimate Pools Episode – “Playscape Pool”

Scenes from the Ultimate Pools Episode – “Ingenuity Pool”

San Diego Appears Twice on HGTV’s Ultimate Pools

Being on “Ultimate Pools” is just another stepping stone for Aaron who is an award winning pool builder considered by many to be one of the best in the entire country. He’s building a successful operation down in San Diego and it does us proud to see his work acknowledged and showcased to millions of people around the country. Watch Playscape Pool Episode of Ultimate Pools The Playscape pool was created for a homeowner who actually was not thrilled about the idea of building a pool in the first place, but his family was. Once the pool was built, the owner was able to see that the pool created the ability to spend more quality time as a family while doing something active. The backyard showpiece blends seamlessly with their home design by utilizing sharp lines and a modern design. The pool is unique in many ways but perhaps the most striking portion is that the hot tub is located in the middle of the pool. In order to get to the hot tub, one must either get wet or balance themselves on floating steps that lead to the baja shelf of the hot tub. Watch Ingenuity Pool Episode of Ultimate Pools The Ingenuity Pool was designed with Temme by a dad who had an ulterior motive: he would rather have all of his kid’s friends come to his family’s home rather than vice versa. He came to the conclusion that they needed something to attract the crowd of kids. A pool with an outrageous wow-factor fit the bill. The design that Temme and the homeowner settled on was a theme-park style backyard environment that extended a half acre. In order to combat the topography issues Temme faced during the project, he built a wall in order to block the wind. The winds blow very heavy in that area and it can feel cold to emerge from the pool, even on a 100 degree day without the wind-blocking wall. The wall fortunately allowed the family to incorporate a slide, many water features and boulders that make the scenery extra theme-park like.