There are nearly 1 million ‘selfies’ taken globally each day! Australia is the number one selfie-ing country followed closely by the U.S. and Canada. With the advent of the smartphone self-portrait (selfie) and the growing popularity of photo-sharing network, Instagram, people are taking pictures everywhere, all the time…even in the swimming pool. Underwater pogo sticks and strobe lights make for ah-mazing selfies in Philadelphia once you use these awesome underwater photo tips.

Gear Up!

You can’t expect to take good photos without the right gear. In this case the gear you’ll need is a waterproof case for your camera, iPhone or Android. Ensure that the case you purchase is of great quality. The last thing you want to do is damage your device that’s worth hundreds of dollars.  If you own a waterproof android like the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge or Sony Xperia Z5 Compact, then you can worry less about the quality of the case.

Finding Perfect Lighting



Perfect lighting is crucial to taking clear photos. If you don’t have great pool lighting, then your best bet would be to take your underwater photos when it’s still bright out. If the day is too gloomy then you’ll have to use artificial lighting of flash to get rid of the shadows and bring out the colors. Not every camera has a built-in flash or if it does it may not be strong enough, so an alternative option is to utilize an underwater strobe. These typically start at $75 but can go for as much as $3200.

Get Up Close



Taking close shots may not be the trend when you’re on land in Philadelphia but when you’re under water taking photos from a distance may not be the best thing. The closer you are to the subject, the better your chances are of taking an ah-mazing photo, like those you see of endangered water species in magazines.

Don’t Hesitate to Strike Your Best Pose



This is one of the best parts about shooting underwater in Philadelphia. The feeling of defying gravity and invincibility. The next time you plunge into the pool, ensure that your camera is set on high shutter. Invite your friends to dive in after you and snap candid shots of them midway into the pool. Take turns with your friends and try to get some good ones of yourself.

Take A Lot Photos In Philadelphia

When you’re underwater you won’t be able to check what photos came out good, so try to snap as many as you can. A lot of the times you take 10 photos but only get one good shot. This way there’s a higher chance you’ll take a good shot that’s worth uploading to your Instagram profile. Have fun taking your photos but try not to forget your pool safety guidelines, especially with younger kids.

Those are just a few tips to help you take amazing underwater pool photos in Philadelphia. You can also check out for some more interesting tips.

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