If you want to build a new swimming pool in Moorpark, CA, a pool contractor will analyze your outdoor area as well as your visual wishes to decide the right design for your backyard, installing it as soon as the plan is created and approved. Soon after installation, swimming pool experts in Moorpark, CA, can deal with the needed equipment repairs or replacement, water testing, cleanings and renovations for your swimming pool or spa.

In Moorpark, a cutting edge testing method has come of age lately. It began with simple meters which could test just one thing, TDS or pH, but have grown to more self-contained and fully featured units, which can even integrate with online personal databases. There exist 4 main kinds of digital pool water testing equipment.


Digital Meters

These are hand-held, electronic and battery-operated devices that use powerful internal software and metallic probes to measure a variety of, but typically not all chemical parameters. It is typical to find digital meters for TDS (Total Dissolved Solids), pH or chlorine, but not one that can also measure Cyanuric Acid, Total Alkalinity or Calcium Hardness.

Digital meters are great at measuring pH and salts in the pool water, and as an extra benefit may check the temperature of your water. They can be very helpful for the swimming pool owner using a salt chlorine system, and since they can measure Oxidation Reduction Potential, it assists commercial swimming pool operators to fulfill this requirement and enables them to maintain these levels correctly.


Photometric Scanners

These ones use powerful, onboard software, and an internal Spectro-photometer to calculate accurate readings. You insert a bottle with a swimming pool water sample and a tablet or liquid reagent, and the portable scanner takes control. It will test your swimming pool for an array of water balance parameters, whilst get rid of environmental elements that can alter the results of your test. This kind of digital pool water tester as well calculates the preferred chemical amounts to add to your swimming pool, in case an adjustment is required.

Digital Strip Readers

They test for Alkalinity, Chlorine, and pH and will store the earlier 9 tests to help you detect any trends with your pool water balance. Simply dip your pool testing strip, and insert it into the digital strip reader for accurate results.


Water Testing Apps in Moorpark

You will discover numerous apps available now for tablets and smartphones, using the Android or Apple operating system. The most common apps will give back water balance adjustment suggestions when you input the results of your tests. Other apps will, in fact, read the test strip by taking a snapshot of it and matching the comparison pads of your strip to its database of shades. Special test strips are needed to use some strip reader apps, but some support a broader range of widely used test strips.

I hope this piece on water testing kits and the way to test your swimming pool water has helped you. It is important that you test your pool water at least each week; your swimming pool and your swimmers will be more comfortable!


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