Summertime in Texas is always fun but it’s also always hot as well. This is why many homeowners in Texas have all decided to take the plunge and get their very own backyard swimming pool just in time for the sweltering summer heat. Are you thinking about getting a swimming pool in Texas this summer? If so, then why not stray away from conventional swimming pool designs and try something different, something adventurous for your backyard. A zero edge swimming pool could be the touch of individuality and exclusivity that your backyard needs to stand apart and above other homes in Texas.


Are you intrigued? Then read on to learn more about zero edge pools!

What Is A Zero Edge Swimming Pool?

Zero edge swimming pools go by many names in the pool building industry, some of which include: infinity edge, vanishing edge, negative edge, and disappearing edge. If you hear someone using any of these terms then don’t worry or be confused, they’re just talking about zero edge pools.

A zero edge pool is a swimming pool that has one or multiple edges that water flows over. This design feature creates the interesting visual illusion that the pool’s water has no physical boundary but is still being kept in place. Swimming pools that are designed like this often merge with smaller collecting or catch pools.


With the right landscape and views, zero edge pools can even give off the impressive illusion that the water is meeting the sky itself.

What Do You Need To Know About Zero Edge Swimming Pools

Since zero edge swimming pools are significantly different compared to conventional swimming pools, there are a few things that buyers ought to know before they decide to have one installed. One such difference is the presence of a catch pool below your zero edge swimming pool.

Your zero edge swimming pool will need to have a catch pool in order to function properly. The purpose of this catch pool is simple; as its name suggests, it collects the cascading water from your zero edge swimming pool. Once this water is collected, the catch pool them uses it to refill your zero edge swimming pool, keeping its water level constant.


Some buyers are often raise concerns that their catch pool has a leak because the water level falls significantly at a certain time daily. This is normal. In convention swimming pools the water level falls slightly daily due to evaporation. However, because the catch pool keeps the zero edge pool’s water level constant, the catch pool’s water level is reduced.

Are You Ready For Your Zero Edge Pool In Texas?

Zero edge swimming pools are quite different from the more conventional pool types that are popular in Texas. As a result, more than a few homeowners would love to have one but they are often intimidated by their seemingly complex nature. With a professional pool builder like Premier Pools & Spas you have no need to fear. We have built thousands of pools across the country and we’re here to help you understand just what owning a zero edge pool entails. What are you waiting for? Let’s build your zero edge pool today!

Interested in Your Own Zero Edge Pool?

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