Tiny Homes Are In!

These days it seems as though everyone is downsizing! With a new feature show on HGTV and beautiful photography floating around on Pinterest, tiny homes are a hot commodity and for good reason. Benefits include: financial and emotional freedom, a greener lifestyle, the satisfaction of building one’s own homestead! However, tiny living doesn’t have to mean: all sacrifice. Check out this amazing tiny cabin, complete with a beautiful poolside cabana.

poolside-tiny-cabin-in-australia-resort-003-600x423 poolside-tiny-cabin-in-australia-resort-004-600x378 tiny-cabin-with-deck-and-poolside-cabana-001

Photo Courtesy of: tinyhousetalk.com

 On average American’s homes are around 2,200 square feet in size so why the sudden obsession with tiny homes that can be as small as 150 square feet!? Simple: Americans are tired of being bound in debt! There are other factors involved but the majority of tiny home owners cite this as their number one reason for tiny living.

With thoughtful, efficient designs, some homeowners have discovered a small house actually leads to:

  • A simpler yet fulfilling life
  • A way in which to connect with family, friends, and nature
  • Frees the residents from a mortgage
  • Cuts down waste
  • Eliminates the urge to keep up with the Joneses next door

But life in a tiny home isn’t all a fairy-tale. In tiny homes, downsizers have a thing or two to learn about organizing and living the good life while making the most of what they’ve got.

Luxurious Tiny Homes?

Is ‘luxury’ tiny living something that you would like to do? Just because the house is only a few hundred square feet  does NOT mean that’s the real living area. One of the best advantages of outdoor space is that it costs much less to build than interior finished space. Some would argue that they need more space but, how totally comfortable does this cabin, pool and cabana look? Tiny houses are going to be cheaper than a couple thousand square foot home allowing you to live in style without being a millionaire.

Are you part of the ‘tiny house boom’ that’s happening throughout the world right now? Never say your backyard is too tiny for a pool! Homeowners with smaller or very small backyards often laugh at the idea of incorporating a pool into their tiny landscaping. When you don’t have much square footage to work with, it creates a limit on the size of the pool you can install. We get it! That won’t stop you from swimming though, not if we have anything to say about it. Check out this tiny pool we just did in a tiny space! Keep in touch with us on Facebook to see all of the exciting promotions we have all year long.

If you have a tiny home, a custom Premier Pools & Spas’ design can really add to the luxuriousness of your outdoor space. Customized to the oddities of your yard, we know how to utilize your space, and it can open up new possibilities for pool placement that might not be feasible for the standard shapes. Let us help you build your dream!

Ready for a Tiny Pool (Spool) of Your Own?

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