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With a vanishing edge pool, the illusory effect of blending your pool and spa with a scenic background is intense. A vanishing edge swimming pool virtually disappears as water cascades over the back edge. This can also be complemented with an attractive waterfall view from the backside. So why should you think about getting a vanishing edge pool in Phoenix? Let’s find out!

 Vanishing Edge Pools In Phoenix – Great For All Ages


Iska Aurand Landscape Architects, Norfolk, Va.

The main reason why homeowners in Phoenix decide to get their own backyard swimming pool is that a backyard swimming pool is a great source of fun and enjoyment for people of all ages. Not to mention that cooling off in a gorgeous pool during scorching Arizona temperatures is a real stress-reliever!

Owning a personal backyard swimming pool is a great way to bring the family together or a great way to spend quality time with friends.

Many vanishing edge swimming pools incorporate what is known as a “wading pool” or a “wading section”. This is an area that has a shallow water level and a small surface area; the water level is usually around knee level for young kids and never above waist level. Everyone can have fun!

Vanishing Edge Pools In Phoenix – Stunning Views


Ryan Hughes Design, Palm Harbor, Fla.

This is the main thing that draws a homeowner’s attention towards getting their very own vanishing edge swimming pool. Owning a traditional swimming pool won’t offer you the same stunning views that you can get from your very own backyard if you were to own a vanishing edge swimming pool.

If you have a vanishing edge swimming pool installed at your home in Phoenix by a professional, then your backyard’s beauty will be multiplied many times over. Phoenix (and the rest of Arizona) offers interesting and unique landscapes that are unlike anything else in the entire country. This is why pairing a beautifully designed vanishing edge swimming pool with the stunning atmosphere that Phoenix provides, is an awesome landscaping decision. It’s like putting together peanut butter and jelly – it’s just a perfect combination that works!

Vanishing Edge Pools In Phoenix – So What About Maintenance?


Selective Designs, Peachtree City, Ga.

If you ask a lot of people about vanishing edge swimming pools then more often than not their number one problem that they will seemingly have with them is the expected maintenance that comes with these swimming pools. However, while many people would have you think that a vanishing edge swimming pool comes with far more maintenance compared to a traditional swimming pool; this conclusion is just not true.

While the maintenance effort and costs between any two specific swimming pools will vary, there really isn’t any direct relationship between vanishing edge swimming pools and greater levels of maintenance. In fact, vanishing edge swimming pools are sometimes easier to maintain in some ways. As a result of their unique filtration systems that pumps water from their catch basin to the main swimming pool area, the water in vanish edges pools does not get the chance to stagnate. This means that the water is constantly being filtered and is constantly in motion.

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