shipping container pools

What exactly is a shipping container pool?

A shipping container pool is a type of swimming pool that is made out of a repurposed shipping container. Shipping container pools are becoming increasingly popular due to their low cost, durability, and portability.

Shipping container pools are typically made out of a 40-foot-long shipping container. The shipping container has the roof cut off and commonly has windows installed.

How much is a shipping container pool?

Shipping container pools vary in price, depending on the size and features of the pool. Most shipping container pools range in price from $10,000 to $30,000+. This all depends on the installer, your location, and the materials used.

Depending on your location a shipping container pool can cost as much as an inground fiberglass pool.

Problems with shopping container pools

It’s no secret that shipping container pools are becoming increasingly popular. They offer a unique and affordable way to add a pool to your home, and they can be installed relatively quickly and easily depending on the installation location. However, there are a few potential problems that you should be aware of before you make the decision to install a shipping container pool.

One of the most common issues with shipping container pools is rust & corrosion. While the containers are made of tough steel, they are also regularly exposed to salt water and sun, which can cause the steel to corrode over time. This means that problems are likely to occur in the lifetime of the container pool.

Another potential problem with shipping container pools is that they can get very hot. The steel conducts heat well, so on a hot day your pool can become uncomfortably warm quite quickly. This can be mitigated somewhat by choosing a darker color for the exterior of the container, but it’s still something to be aware of.

Should I get a container pool?

We don’t recommend it. Don’t get us wrong, they are cool. However, shipping containers are made for just that: Shipping. If you are looking for a pool that is long-lasting and can withstand the test of time, a fiberglass or gunite pool is the best choice.

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