Swimming-pool-heat-pump6A swimming pool heat pump warms your pool water. Even in hot and dry Las Vegas, it can be put to good use, especially when you have a spa or if you manage a hotel pool (or any public pool, for that matter).

So, it is sometimes asked if a swimming pool heat pump will work even in this hot and dry weather. The long and short of it is: yes, of course!

How Does a Swimming Pool Heat Pump Work?

The fact is, a swimming pool heat pump alone cannot create heat. It is not made to generate heat as a stand-alone. A heat pump relies on external sources of heat – from the air or water – to warm up your pool water.

With electricity alone, it cannot effectively heat up your pool water. It helps to have enough warmth in the air or water. The more heat available from external sources, the faster your water warms up.

A swimming pool heat pump draws water from the pool and filters it through its heating system. This heating system includes a fan, which is responsible for taking in the external heat and circulating this around the system’s evaporator air coil. What comes out is warm water for your pool.

The effectiveness of your pool heating depends on the size and power of your heat pump, and the amount of external heat available. Thus, with Las Vegas’ typical weather, you won’t have any problem.

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