An Old Favorite: Our Beautiful Yoga Retreat Pool

You know everybody in San Diego works hard to make every pool a unique, custom job that fits the client’s needs. But sometimes we get a job that really stands out.

pool for a yoga retreat

Awhile back we were given the design for a pool that would be featured at a yoga retreat facility. It was designed by an expert landscape architect, but it was up to Aaron Temme, an experienced pool builder, to make that vision a reality.

The design for this pool was a complex one featuring underwater benches, LED pool lighting, scuppers, and special imported tile. It also included a surge tank which could be turned on and off at will. The tank lowered the water level of the pool so those shallow shelves were no longer submerged underwater. All that worked allowed it to really flow with the design and décor of the yoga retreat facility.

the yoga retreat pool was so unique

It was a really difficult job but it was so rewarding when to see the yoga retreat pool completed.

Since the pool was completed it has been featured on the HGTV series Million Dollar Rooms and it was a gold medal PHTA award for Geometric Pools.

This is just one example of the quality and creativity that we can bring to any project we work on here at the San Diego branch of Premier Pools and Spas.