Most Houston homeowners attach a spa with their pool. However, they are often in a dilemma about whether to get a raised spa or a flush spa. Either way, a spa needs a good heater. Especially if you don’t have a cheap source of gas nearby, then you will definitely need either propane or heat pump to heat your pool and spa.

Both raised spas and flush spas use the same water as your pool when compared to a stand-alone hot tub. Hence, the pool water chemistry must be maintained very carefully. If you are in a fix on which spa to choose as your pool attachment, here are some pros you should know about these spas.

Better Looking

While it true that ground level spas give a feeling of uniformity in your backyard, raised spas look more elegant and put together. You can also experiment with various designs, styles, and materials. Try using different materials and achieve a unique look to your backyard oasis. For instance, if the pool deck has tile in a simple design, then you can use ledger stone for the raised spa to give it a pleasant aesthetic appearance.

More Privacy

Whether you have an isolated one or an integrated one, a raised spa makes it a separate free-standing entity from your pool. This way, you can have more privacy and enjoy your stress-free time for a much longer time. This is especially beneficial in colder weather when you are not so keen on taking a swim, but want to relax in hot water.

Added Features

When you opt for a raised spa, you can easily integrate into your entire pool design. You can use the raised spa walls for a waterfall feature or sheer descents. And when you are not using the spa, you can let the water trickle down and add a musical effect to your pool experience. Or, you could add colorful LED lights to the exterior of the spa and brighten up your pool and backyard. Likewise, you could use the space to add fire features like adding small fire bowls or a narrow fire line.

Raised Spa

Point of Interest

An attached raised spa for your Houston pool can become the focal point of your backyard. Using glass tiles, which lets the water sparkle when light shines on them, can look really attractive. Combined with the calming effect of the sound of the water display of colors and light creates a stunning visual appeal.

Cleaner Area

One of the many pet peeves of pool owners is having to clean the pool from time to time. Pool maintenance is indeed a big issue, particularly if you have many bushes or plants surrounding the pool. One advantage you have with a raised spa is that it keeps the blowing leaves away from the water. On the other hand, the wind blows small twigs, leaves, and debris into the ground level spas.

Cost Savings

Although raised spas might be more expensive to build when compared to ground level spas, you can actually save money in other areas. You can plan the spa design in such a way that the spa provides a continuous bench for seating purposes on the pool deck. Since you have a much cleaner space with a raised spa, you can also save costs on cleaning and regular maintenance.

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