Can I add fire features to my pool?

Of course. Over the past several years, fire features have become one of the fastest growing additions to backyard swimming pools. The contrast of fire and water is a stunning addition to any nighttime landscape and often become the focal point of your project.

When we talk about fire features, we’re usually talking about two different things: fire bowls and fire pits. Let’s start with the fire pit. You’ve probably seen these cozy backyard additions in all kinds of backyards, even in yards without pools! There’s generally a rock bench with comfy pillows that surrounds a built-in fire pit. Premier can put something like this close to your pool, so the feeling is seamless and integrated.

The other piece that’s catching some real heat lately is what we call a fire bowl. It’s like you’re on the set of Survivor, but without all the alliances. Fire bowls usually frame the pool, offering a grand viewing experience that will totally take your breath away. They’re usually gas-powered, and oftentimes they can be controlled remotely. How cool is that?! Just push a button and whoosh! You have made fire!

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